Rae Hamilton

Freelance Writer

Rae Hamilton, a former vice president of communications for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, is a freelance writer and artist living in Parkton, Md., and can be reached at caddy41048@yahoo.com.

Articles by Rae Hamilton

November 2017
If you take your MRI to a dozen doctors, you may get several different opinions about the cause of your back pain. Likewise, if you take your financial picture to a dozen financial planners, you may get several different opinions about how you should invest your money. READ MORE
March 2017
By most standards, the United States has a highly educated populace. However, one glaring omission is the teaching of personal finance, and it contributes to the lack of financial mobility and prosperity of any person who fails to learn how to budget, save or balance a bank account.
July 2016
When should you start saving for retirement? Implicit in that question is the fact that you haven't started yet. The answer is, thus, an easy one. Now. READ MORE
May 2015
‘‘Give me the money you have in the stock market, and I’ll make sure you have a stream of income for the rest of your life.” If somebody offered that deal to you, would you take it? You might be skeptical, but it could be worth a second look. Such an annuity, a product life insurance companies sell, could bring some certainty to people contemplating their retirements.
April 2014
The information superhighway is about to experience bumper-to-bumper traffic snarls that—even with the best planning—will become increasingly difficult to untangle. READ MORE
January 2014
While there may be marginal improvement in the U.S. economy, the electrical contracting business has not yet recovered from a slowdown that has hurt businesses across the spectrum, often lowering margins and slamming once thriving businesses into painful contractions. READ MORE
December 2013
The opportunity in the LED retrofit market is enormous, and the missteps made in rushing other energy-efficient lighting to market (e.g., the compact fluorescent lamp) are less likely to slow market growth this time around. READ MORE
April 2013
By most accounts, the light-emitting diode (LED) revolution is well underway, even though LEDs still remain a small fraction of today’s total lighting market. Government estimates predict that solid-state lighting (SSL) will rise from around 1 percent of the installed base today to the lion’s share of the market in just two decades. READ MORE
December 2012
Joel Spira, who founded Lutron Electronics Co. in 1961, invented the first solid-state dimmer in 1959. For decades after, dimmers were largely used to control the aesthetic environment. Only in recent years has dimming become an important part of the energy costs saving debate. As such, the rapidly evolving technology represents a significant market opportunity for electrical contractors. READ MORE