Patti Feldman

Freelance Writer

Patti Feldman writes with her husband for various magazines and Web sites. They can be reached at or 914.238.6272.

Articles by Patti Feldman

November 2002
Compact fluorescent lamps are gaining sway in the marketplace for outdoor lighting as alternatives to incandescent or HID lamps. While specifiers still look to HID lamps for street and area lighting, CFLs are growing in popularity in various niches for outdoor use. Though growth is steady, there is diversity of opinion among lighting manufacturers whether the impact is a rumble or a boom. READ MORE
July 2002
Most electricians are always in the market for new tools. While some electricians are tool hounds and like to keep up with the latest innovation, for the rest, there are still compelling reasons to upgrade or replace. First of all, tools are expendable. READ MORE
July 2002
Even with jam-packed boxes, electricians new to voice data video (VDV) cabling are not likely to have the full complement of needed tools. In addition to the usual electrical hand tools any wiring job calls for, a cabling job often requires strippers, cutters, needle-nose pliers, punch-down tools, tone and probe testers and a butt set. READ MORE
May 2002
With the convergence of voice/data/video (VDV) applications within both the commercial and residential ectors, electrical contractors are now faced with becoming information technology professionals in addition to being electricians. In today’s market, many electricians are asked to do more testing across various disciplines and fields. READ MORE