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Articles by Pat Woods

May 2004
As a four-alarm fire raged through an old, vacant produce warehouse on Jan. 20, 2002, plumes of heavy black smoke filled the air in southeast Portland, Ore. Under spitting rain, 150 firefighters battled the blaze as it tossed large chunks of fiery debris onto streets as far as two blocks away. Because the abandoned warehouse did not have a sprinkler system, heat built up quickly. READ MORE
May 2004
Low-Maintenance LEDs Gain Ground in the Airport Lighting Industry It is no surprise that 9/11 has significantly impacted funding availability for airport lighting projects. The release of funds has been slower since the terrorist attacks of 2001, and many projects in the pipeline have been canceled or delayed by money diverted to security requirements. READ MORE
March 2004
Smaller fixtures, long-life bulbs improve landscape lighting READ MORE
December 2003
The evolution of new lamp technology and fixture design gives homeowners many options for designing with light. The right lamp, fixture and position are all it takes to achieve a dramatic lighting effect in the home. READ MORE
April 2003
Some bright ideas improve nighttime safety In the wake of terrorist attacks and last fall’s sniper shootings, security is a hot topic in both commercial and residential markets. With security concerns on the rise, specifiers for commercial and residential products are moving toward increasing the overall amount of light. READ MORE
January 2003
Landscape lighting has caught on. Water features are more popular than ever, not only at tony resorts, casinos and theme parks, but also at upscale malls, hotels and private homes. Lighted water features are a profitable arena for contractors in both commercial and residential markets. Electrical, landscape and irrigation contractors have jumped on the low-voltage bandwagon. READ MORE
August 2002
More than $640 million could be saved annually nationwide if only a small percentage of businesses updated their lighting to more energy-efficient systems. According to a recent study by Venture Lighting International and the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, lighting accounts for approximately 40 percent of commercial electric bills. READ MORE
May 2002
Spiraling energy costs served as a catalyst for manufacturers to develop new commercial lighting products. Digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are two innovations in the indoor commercial market. The new control language, DALI, was developed by a group of global manufacturers as a uniform interface offering complete lighting control. READ MORE