Morrie Mazur

Freelance Writer

Morrie Mazur is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles and can be contacted at

Articles by Morrie Mazur

February 2014
Maybe a fairy godmother can wave her magic wand and make a dream come true in a children’s fable, but it’s no fairytale that time, sweat and skills with wire cutters have helped make the American dream of owning a home come true in Los Angeles for 30 low-income families. READ MORE
February 2007
Hollywood! Stars! Fame! READ MORE
August 2006
It was bright and sunny in the Los Angeles area, the kind of summer day the Chamber of Commerce likes to trumpet. Convertible tops were down on the freeways, tourists behind sunglasses were taking in the sights and residents accustomed to the warm, balmy weather were attired in cotton comfort. READ MORE
March 2006
It was a cold Fourth of July in Iowa nearly 60 years ago that prompted a young World War II vet to make a decision that has culminated in a highly successful electrical contracting business today—in a place where a cold July 4 rarely, if ever, occurs. READ MORE