Michael Collins

Freelance Writer

Michael Collins is a public safety and terrorism expert with three decades of experience in law enforcement, fire safety and high-rise safety management. He is the director of Corporate Hi-Rise, Institutions and Private Client Solutions at ADSI and is New York City’s former police director for the Department of Environmental Protection. Contact him at us1collins@comcast.net

Articles by Michael Collins

May 2013
Preventive maintenance plays an important role 
in how long a product will provide trouble-free service and, ultimately, how long it will last. 
Nothing lasts forever, so the saying goes, but with some care and regular servicing and maintenance, products can provide 
normal anticipated operation. A good example of maintenance that lengthens life expectancy is a vehicle. READ MORE
May 2009
For electrical contractors, architects, engineers, security and life safety system vendors and others, the prospects of working on government construction projects may seem challenging, but efforts in learning the process and submitting bid proposals can be rewarding. Keep in mind that the U.S. READ MORE
April 2009
Providing security and life safety in a hospital or healthcare facility environment is unique. Decisions are based on occupancy and regulatory code compliance, budget constraints, litigation, politics, labor contracts and other ancillary issues.   READ MORE
December 2008
Millions of people spend a significant portion of their lives working in high-rise office buildings. High-rises are—for the most part—safe, and the tenants of these steel towers aren’t even aware of the scope and magnitude of planning, preparation and hard work that occurs daily to ensure their safety, comfort and the continuity of their business operations. READ MORE