Mark C. Ode

Fire/Life Safety Columnist and Code Contributor

Mark C. Ode is a staff engineering associate at Underwriters Laboratories Inc., based in Peoria, Ariz. He can be reached at 919.949.2576 and

Articles by Mark C. Ode

July 2002
There is a quiet revolution occurring in the home-building industry. Traditional single- and multiple-dwelling construction methods as we knew them have changed forever. Metal studs are now often being installed in place of wood and steel beams in place of wooden trusses and joists. Telephone, sound, cable television, and computer systems are being interconnected into a structured wiring system. READ MORE
June 2002
Smoke detectors (alarms) are installed in single-family dwellings to provide early warning of a fire. Their installation is required by building codes in many municipalities and by many fire departments. READ MORE
May 2002
Whenever energized electrical equipment is being examined, serviced, maintained or adjusted in any way, there is always the potential for an electrical explosion to occur, resulting in injury to the electrical worker and damage to the equipment. READ MORE
April 2002
Cable trays can be a very convenient method of transporting large numbers of signaling, communications and control cables, as well as other cables, from one location in a facility to another. If cable trays are to be used, however, some specific requirements must be followed. READ MORE
In the past few years, hundreds of thousands of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have been installed for residential (dwelling) units, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and utility companies. Many have been subsidized by grants from utility companies as well as by local, county, state and federal tax rebates. READ MORE