Mark C. Ode

Fire/Life Safety Columnist and Code Contributor

Mark C. Ode is a lead engineering associate for Energy & Power Technologies at Underwriters Laboratories Inc.and can be reached at 919.949.2576 and

Articles by Mark C. Ode

June 2006
With the 2005 hurricane season a distinct memory for all involved in those tremendously destructive storms, recovery and reconstruction is a painfully slow process. Rebuilding destroyed homes and businesses within the flood plains and coastal areas requires planning, coupled with foresight and expertise for these buildings to withstand future storms and power loss. READ MORE
May 2006
Hidden within the rewrite of Articles 511 and 514—which cover repair garages for motor vehicles and motor fuel dispensing stations, respectively, in the 2005 National Electrical Code (NEC)—is a major change in the concept of hazardous (classified) locations. READ MORE
April 2006
Providing branch-circuit overcurrent protection and subdividing electrical resistance-heating elements in appliances and fixed electric space heating equipment has been a long- standing requirement in the National Electrical Code (NEC). Recently, a discrepancy was discovered between the subdivision requirements in the NEC and those found in NFPA 86, Standard for Industrial Ovens and Furnaces. READ MORE
March 2006
A new article has been proposed for the 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) covering mission-critical electrical systems installed in vital infrastructures or facilities where, if the infrastructure or facility was either destroyed or incapacitated, disruption of the facility would affect national security, the economy, public health or the safety of our citizens. READ MORE
February 2006
Recent discussions on ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection for personnel on construction sites have indicated that there seems to be a misunderstanding of whether generator power is excluded from the GFCI requirement. A thorough understanding of the history, origin and present requirements for GFCI protection may clear up any misunderstandings. READ MORE
January 2006
Within the past few years, many of us have installed surround sound systems in homes and business. What seems to be lacking is an understanding of the new requirements that have been incorporated into the totally revised Article 640 in the National Electrical Code (NEC). READ MORE
December 2005
The failure of a service-entrance bus duct supplying power to a major grocery store data center and corporate facility created a dilemma for store management. Since this facility is the 24-hour support system for all store transactions, maintaining power to the data center and the corporate complex is critical for continued business operation. READ MORE
November 2005
The May 2005 Code Applications column contained information on a major change in Article 680 for the 2005 National Electrical Code (NEC) concerning the construction requirements of fiberglass pools, vinyl-lined pools and concrete pools containing epoxy-coated rebar. READ MORE
October 2005
Providing mechanical protection for branch circuits supplying critical loads in a hospital is extremely important. Any potential damage to these circuits could cost lives. Patients rely on life support equipment and other electro-medical devices as part of their treatment, and any interruption of power could have dire results. READ MORE