Marilyn Michelson

Freelance Writer

Marilyn Michelson, president of Jackson, Calif.-based Business Communication Services and publisher of the BCS Reports, is an expert in TIA/EIA performance standards.

Articles by Marilyn Michelson

April 2004
The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) may only hold three meetings a year, but it does get plenty of significant work done. Some say the results (which are tested and retested) are slow and “behind the times,” but it’s easy to forget that what comes out of the TIA are standards written to ensure minimal performance. READ MORE
January 2004
There’s a problem that is either right in front of us or lurking around the corner. The problem involves data communications cabling above drop ceilings in commercial buildings—some of that old cable has been accumulating in ceiling spaces for years and years. READ MORE
November 2003
The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is an industry organization with paying members from the communications/telecom industry. They develop minimal performance standards for cabling and related hardware and installation standards for the users/designers. The TIA has been working on “performance” standards that will be helpful to you in your business. READ MORE
September 2003
If you missed it, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR 42 committee meetings were held in early June. It’s time to pay attention, since many of their decisions can affect the contractor, as you’ll see below. Here’s what the various committees decided: TR 42.1 et al is responsible for ANSI/TIA-568-B.1 and B.2 standards and addendums for copper commercial building cabling. READ MORE
August 2003
What is documentation and why is it important? We hear about “documenting” a network, but we don’t often listen. It seems like too much work for too little or no payback. But that way of thinking is wrong. READ MORE
May 2003
Look for a new fiber test bulletin (not a standard) from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA ) in 2003. We all know fiber is looked at as more difficult to work with, so maybe that is why a new guidance bulletin is coming out that better describes fiber testing in the field. READ MORE
April 2003
 Moving toward standardization Certain elements of the installation of wiring/cabling for residential low-voltage systems are on their way to becoming “standardized,” or at least looked at as benchmarks. Here is a closer look at some guidance for a “standards compliant” installation. Cabling design Remember there are “Grade 1” and “Grade 2” installations. READ MORE
March 2003
If you’re involved with security systems (procurement, design or installation), this article looks at what market segments they may fall in and where you can go to learn more about the “standards” that apply to a product or its installation. READ MORE