Marilyn Michelson

Freelance Writer

Marilyn Michelson, president of Jackson, Calif.-based Business Communication Services and publisher of the BCS Reports, is an expert in TIA/EIA performance standards.

Articles by Marilyn Michelson

August 2005
For electrical contractors, maintenance means more than sweeping the warehouse floor. Service work is becoming an increasingly important and lucrative part of their business. READ MORE
July 2005
The debate Between wireless and wired networks continues, but the dialogue is changing. Though wireless has been an overly hyped technology, it is a significant service option to both consumers and businesses. While the technology may not be ready to take over wired networks due to spotty performance, security and interference shortcomings, it seems industry groups are working on the drawbacks. READ MORE
June 2005
It has been predicted that the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) market is in the early stages of dramatic growth, but VoIP needs a compelling reason for use if its proponents expect the technology to have a lasting effect. For the home, the major advantage appears to be reduced phone cost. READ MORE
April 2005
The term “IBS” conceptually combines the installation and maintenance of all electrical and electronic systems, which includes telecommunications, life safety, security access control and local area networks (LANs). READ MORE
March 2005
“Trusted computing” (TC) is another modern commercial computer tool. Just what does that mean? The dictionary presented definitions such as “have faith in,” “rely on,” “have confidence in” and “count on.” The concept and need for “trusted” computing started with our own federal government. READ MORE
December 2004
Yes, we've seen it before-at least the architecture. The Wireless Mesh Network looks a lot like the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Voice and data are converging and can be sent over wireless options. Some wireless is “fixed” and some is “untethered.” The WMN, which is an often-mentioned topology, is similar to the PSTN, which has existed for many, many years. READ MORE
October 2004
This package is coming—maybe not this holiday season, but probably after the next one. It may be broken up into three smaller packages, but here is a look at what is going to be included: • TSB 155 • Addendum 10 to TIA 568-B.2 • Addendum 11 to TIA 568-B.2 Now, somehow, all three are related. When looked at individually, their interrelationship shows strong and clear. READ MORE
August 2004
Think ‘tiers’ for a standards-compliant data center It seems as if a big chunk of future contracting work will come from designing, installing and supporting data centers. There are many reasons this is being headlined in the telecommunication trades: it’s a solution to many problems. What exactly is a data center? READ MORE
June 2004
Speeding up the gigabit ethernet Two industry leaders (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE, and Intel) are working on a means to deliver information (or data) to the user faster, at rates of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). READ MORE