Marilyn Michelson

Freelance Writer

Marilyn Michelson, president of Jackson, Calif.-based Business Communication Services and publisher of the BCS Reports, is an expert in TIA/EIA performance standards.

Articles by Marilyn Michelson

August 2006
Distributed generation allows for the use of small-scale power generation technologies located nearby the load being served. It can be applied in many different forms. There are various methods by which customers can generate their own electricity, with or without the backup grid. READ MORE
May 2006
When you have employees, there are definite benefits to focusing on safety in your company’s culture. If safety measures are defined and followed, employees feel more secure and are more productive. If your company receives few or no complaints, you have a smoother operating company with less aggravation and financial burden. READ MORE
April 2006
Wireless Local area networks (WLANs) are relatively new, and they are a great help to the employees in all building sizes. WLAN users can communicate wirelessly with access points connected to the wired network, as long as they stay within range of that access point at all times. READ MORE
April 2006
First came the public switched telephone network (PSTN), then signaling system 7 (SS7), followed by session initiation protocol (SIP) and now SIP for the private branch exchange (sipX). One built on the other. This article covers what they are, so you can see what they mean to you when dealing with a customer who leases or owns a private branch exchange (PBX) or is considering a new PBX. READ MORE
March 2006
Many technologies changed or developed in 2005 and will continue to develop through 2006. A company’s infrastructure, software, security and communication methods depend on a professionally installed and managed bottom layer of the contractor technology ladder (CTL). The CTL is an illustrated way of dividing the industry into areas of opportunity. READ MORE
February 2006
According to what I hear, broadband over power lines (BPL) is either a winning or losing technology. It started as a winner because it was positioned as a cheaper alternative to provide high-speed, broadband Internet access to homes and businesses by using the existing power grid infrastructure. But critics have a problem with this. READ MORE
November 2005
Distributed generation (DG) is the process of generating electricity at or near the point of use. Examples include solar energy and wind-powered systems as well as natural gas fueled technologies. READ MORE
November 2005
Interest in integrated building systems (IBS) is stronger than ever. These systems not only improve the overall performance of a facility, but the performance of the workers as well. Building owners want an effective facility that operates efficiently, while attracting and retaining occupants through its amenities and benefits. READ MORE
October 2005
How important are information transport systems skills for the data-communications contractor? Being a professional data-communications (or low-voltage) contractor includes many components. READ MORE