Marilyn Michelson

Freelance Writer

Marilyn Michelson, president of Jackson, Calif.-based Business Communication Services and publisher of the BCS Reports, is an expert in TIA/EIA performance standards.

Articles by Marilyn Michelson

June 2007
Standards support proper design and installation READ MORE
April 2007
Low-voltage preventive and value-added maintenance: READ MORE
February 2007
Building automation thrives in three environments, which include residential, commercial and industrial; these environments overlap when it comes to automation functions and contractor skills, but the training, and even the types of automation that are installed, are particular to each industry. READ MORE
February 2007
Looking into other maintenance work: READ MORE
November 2006
Solar power for the residential market READ MORE
October 2006
The security and communications boom is upon us Background Study participants totaled 315, of which 261 said they currently are involved in security/life safety and/or communications work. The data was compiled and analyzed by Renaissance Research & Consulting Inc., New York. READ MORE
September 2006
INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE covers the repair, installation, adjustment and maintenance of industrial production and processing equipment. To find opportunities for industrial maintenance work, contractors can look right at their own business and customer base. READ MORE
September 2006
Wire and cable management is part business management BUSINESS MANAGEMENT INVOLVES DIRECTION and manipulation of the company’s resources—including human, financial, material or intellectual properties. READ MORE