Lewis Tagliaferre

Freelance Writer

Lewis Tagliaferre is proprietor of C-E-C Group. He may be reached at 703.321.9268 or lewtag@aol.com.

Articles by Lewis Tagliaferre

May 2003
No strategic business plan is complete without health and safety management Violating OSHA safety regulations can be costly to your firm. READ MORE
September 2002
Federal energy policy now includes emphasis on increasing electric generation from renewable resources. These usually include bioenergy, hydrogen, ocean, wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower resources. Of these, it appears that solar and wind energy producers are beginning to offer competitive prices and are predicted to grow rapidly this decade. READ MORE
September 2002
Why manage your cash now  Some contractors have said the construction market is slowing. Others report they are busier now than ever in the last 10 years. One contractor said this is the busiest construction downturn he has ever experienced. Obviously there’s some sarcasm there, but it indicates a cautious optimism about the near-term future of the construction marketplace. READ MORE
September 2002
The government’s deregulation of five major industries—airlines, telecommunications, cable television, banking and electricity—has harmed customers far more than helped them, according to a study released by Consumers Union. READ MORE
May 2002