Lewis Tagliaferre

Freelance Writer

Lewis Tagliaferre is proprietor of C-E-C Group. He may be reached at 703.321.9268 or lewtag@aol.com.

Articles by Lewis Tagliaferre

May 2004
New utility business regulations could affect you Is electric transmission a natural monopoly or not? Does the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) have authority over states and utilities to order restructuring and regulation of transmission systems? Do answers to these questions affect your business? READ MORE
January 2004
Measuring energy usage in real-time by remote metering is becoming increasingly viable, but in order to be economical, its cost must be offset with new power quality and energy management services. Enterprising electrical contractors might find a niche here with a profitable future, if they can partner with utilities and power quality service providers to get the job done. READ MORE
January 2004
A retail clothing store advertises, “An educated consumer is our best customer.” Prices are adjusted weekly, and if you know the value of designer merchandise on the racks, you can get some very good bargains. As consumers and as providers of electrical services, contractors could enjoy the benefits of—or be harmed by—utility restructuring that is changing daily. READ MORE
December 2003
A large part of the nation has been spooked recently by regional energy crises. If necessity is the mother of invention, then perhaps recent price spikes, power outages and fears of terrorism are causing some people to assume more responsibility for their energy needs. And, perhaps, there is something profitable ahead for electrical contractors in energy management. READ MORE
November 2003
When Prof. Samuel B. Morse tapped out that first coded message on the key of the new telegraph machine, no one could have predicted where it would take us. Now, designers are choosing optical fiber cable more and more because it provides a cost-effective means of delivering massive bandwidth with greater network reliability and less downtime. READ MORE
October 2003
The bottom line is this—the blackout of 2003 exposed the need for upgrading the transmission grid with estimates for modernization up to $100 billion. Chances are good that electrical contractors will be called to install and maintain the new advances in cabling, controls and communications needed. The question is, will they be ready? READ MORE
September 2003
Scapegoating is a hostile social behavior by which people move blame and responsibility away from themselves and toward a target person or group. The target feels wrongly persecuted and receives misplaced vilification, blame and criticism. Heroes throughout history are people who have exhibited five common traits, according to descriptions found at http://www.heroesofhistory.com. READ MORE
June 2003
Electrical contractors working for utilities or interested in a growing niche market might do well to investigate opportunities in distributed energy resources (DER). They are parallel and stand-alone electric generation units located within the electric distribution system at or near the end-user. READ MORE
May 2003
Although the chance of being visited by an OSHA inspector is about one in 15, (based on 1999 Census estimates of firms with more than 10 employees) it may be time to invest in learning your OHSA ABCs and XYZs. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (Public Law 91-596) placed responsibility for the safety and health of all American workers squarely on the shoulders of their employers. READ MORE