Lewis Tagliaferre

Freelance Writer

Lewis Tagliaferre is proprietor of C-E-C Group. He may be reached at 703.321.9268 or lewtag@aol.com.

Articles by Lewis Tagliaferre

May 2005
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat is the most widely used standard for organizing specifications, catalogs and other documents for commercial and institutional building construction projects in the United States and Canada. READ MORE
March 2005
A group of students at St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore were assigned to estimate the investment needed for solar photovoltaic (PV) technology to supply 20 percent of U.S. electricity by 2100. READ MORE
March 2005
While the transmission grid physically connects great swaths of the country, governance of its many segments varies by state and utility. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is pushing Congress to unify the transmission system to make it easier to connect buyers and sellers of electricity. READ MORE
December 2004
Modern technology makes it possible that whatever is detected can be electronically reported, and whatever is reported can be remotely monitored, and whatever is remotely monitored can be remotely controlled. Just ask the scientists who are gleaning new information from Mars, Saturn, Venus or other outlying planets from seemingly miraculous remote-controlled space probes. READ MORE
November 2004
If your firm does telecomm work, this is worth reading. Although it has been talked about for several decades, modulated radio frequency communications over power lines never really took off because there were difficult technical challenges and no cost-effective solutions. No more. READ MORE
November 2004
In 1993, government researchers concluded that a group of 12 states in the midsection of the country have enough wind energy resources to generate nearly four times the amount of electricity consumed nationwide in 1990. READ MORE
September 2004
You could not find two adjacent states taking more opposite approaches to electric markets than Maryland and Virginia. But they still have one thing in common that could be good for electrical contractors. Governors of both states have issued orders for conservation upgrades worth millions. READ MORE
July 2004
Concerns about the efficiency and reliability of electricity are prompting new responses by federal and state government agencies, utilities, associations and product manufacturers. They could provide new business for electrical contractors if you can position your company for these opportunities. READ MORE
May 2004
New utility business regulations could affect you Is electric transmission a natural monopoly or not? Does the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) have authority over states and utilities to order restructuring and regulation of transmission systems? Do answers to these questions affect your business? READ MORE