A. Lee Chichester

Freelance Writer

A. Lee Chichester is a freelance writer based in Meadows of Dan, Va. She can be contacted at falconer@swva.net.

Articles by A. Lee Chichester

November 2003
Electrical contractors traditionally have a lot to say about how their distributors could make their lives easier. Problems range from not getting all the parts in one shipment to delivery delays to emergency service failures—all of which cost time and money. READ MORE
June 2003
Company tailors service model for each customer Creating a company culture where the mantra is “Nothing’s Impossible” takes the buy-in of every worker, top-to-bottom. That’s what Shepherd Electric Supply, with two branches in the Washington, D.C. area, has achieved, and its contractor customers are reaping the benefits. READ MORE
April 2003
A little innovation goes a long way More than 25 years ago, Rexel’s Upper Marlboro (Md.) Regional Distribution Center came up with a value-add to improve service to contractor customers. Among the first to take advantage of Rexel’s wire cutting and paralleling service was Dynalectric Co. of Washington, D.C. When first introduced, cut and paralleled wires were delivered on wooden reels. READ MORE
February 2003
While the general market outlook for unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) and coax cable is flat, certain segments will jump this year. “Overall market growth will be in the lower single-digit area,” said Bill Miller, director of marketing for Belden Electronics Division. “However, contractors will see a big increase in the amount of Cat. READ MORE
October 2002
A lot of marketing babble surrounds General Electric's Six Sigma process. When the delivery team needs a glossary as a handout, you know it'll take a while to figure how Six Sigma might help you. In this case, the effort might be worth it. Six Sigma, GE corporate's internal quality initiative, is based on pure statistical analysis. READ MORE
August 2002
An owner approaches you not only for the electrical wiring of a new building, but also the highest-tech structured cabling system available for security, networking and e-access, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Not only that—this owner has some pretty good PCs on hand that he wants to integrate into the system. READ MORE
June 2002
The arena of voice/data/video installations for electrical contractors can be both challenging and rewarding. The market is flowing into combining the traditional with the new in what is now being called integrated building systems (IBS) installations. “The low-hanging fruit of re-wiring office buildings for data has been picked,” said Andrew L. READ MORE