Kellie K. Speed

Freelance Writer

Kellie Speed is a freelance writer based in Weymouth, Mass. She can be reached at 617.529.2676 or

Articles by Kellie K. Speed

August 2002
For years now, the increasing demand for backup power has been a major issue for both consumers and electricians because voltage surges can bring an entire home or office to a standstill. Today, the mission is to bridge the downtime during a switching transition by carrying the critical load away from a failing power source to a stable alternate source immediately. READ MORE
April 2002
IEEE 802.11 provides platform for new applications When the concept of the wireless local area network (LAN) was introduced more than 20 years ago, numerous companies tried to implement its applications through the use of spread spectrum, infrared and narrowband microwave technologies based on twisted pair, coaxial cable and optical fiber. READ MORE