Kellie K. Speed

Freelance Writer

Kellie Speed is a freelance writer based in Weymouth, Mass. She can be reached at 617.529.2676 or

Articles by Kellie K. Speed

May 2004
Biometrics’ promise as a security solution is finally being realized As the level of security breaches and transaction fraud increases, biometric systems are on their way to becoming the basis of an array of highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. READ MORE
April 2004
From electricity and telephones to cable TV and dial-up Internet access, the only thing missing in today’s technology is how to provide total system integration, including energy savings and lighting control. The tremendous demand for structured wiring and home automation products presents a unique opportunity for electrical contractors. READ MORE
March 2004
The corrections industry offers plenty of work for contractors As the population of prison inmates continues to grow, there is a corresponding challenge to design correctional facilities that can be built both quickly and on budget. READ MORE
December 2003
In the past, blackouts have led us to focus on preventing systemwide single component failures. But August’s blackout increased nationwide awareness for the need for backup power systems. During the blackout, people were trapped in the heat of the subways, water was unavailable to certain locations and cell phones became inoperative. READ MORE
November 2003
Many of today’s electrical contractors are constantly trying to expand their offerings. In an effort to increase their marketability, these contractors are seeking certifications to broaden their knowledge base. READ MORE
May 2003
As healthcare professionals in local hospitals and nursing homes are now taking advantage of the latest technologies in nurse call paging systems, they are also paving the way for new opportunities for electrical contractors. Today’s flexible designs allow hard-wired or wireless call points to communicate with the host computer. READ MORE
March 2003
Over the past few years, the biometrics industry has experienced significant activity, resulting in myriad new applications as the demand for these products has increased. This trend is still on the rise, going full speed ahead. By 2007, biometric technology is projected to be a $5 billion-a-year industry. Obviously benefits include reduced costs and increased security. READ MORE
February 2003
From personal home theaters complete with surround-sound speakers, high-definition, large-screen projection and DVD recordings to total-system lighting packages, electrical contractors are profiting from rapid technological advances. Clearly, each element in a home-theater system must be adeptly connected to perform the achieved result. READ MORE
October 2002
Complete system integration is critical for a successful company to operate properly. Each business application must be able to work together simultaneously or valuable data will be lost. To avoid problems in operations and developing an application to solve an immediate problem, it is important to enable functionality. READ MORE