Kellie K. Speed

Freelance Writer

Kellie Speed is a freelance writer based in Weymouth, Mass. She can be reached at 617.529.2676 or

Articles by Kellie K. Speed

September 2006
What it can do for your bottom line   READ MORE
June 2006
“Home theaters are a nice opportunity for electrical contractors, especially when installing home-theater lighting controls,” said Jay McLellan, president and chief executive officer of Home Automation Inc. (HAI), New Orleans. “There are opportunities for dimming lights down, adding more sophisticated wall sconces and letting the homeowner more adequately control their lighting systems. READ MORE
April 2006
The current residential market provides additional entertainment, security, safety and convenience to homeowners, but also provides an open door for electrical contractors. Homebuilders, custom installers and contractors are now being presented with new opportunities to expand their markets, while increasing existing business through less labor-intensive system installations. READ MORE
January 2006
Motor control centers are now being designed that provide the best alternative for grouping motor control, associated control and distribution equipment. Today, more and more electrical contractors are realizing the new opportunities that exist from design-build to total system integration and capitalizing on them. READ MORE
September 2005
When it comes to leasing or buying construction equipment, how can you decide which plan is best suited for your needs? Besides offering tax benefits, upgraded technology and flexibility, a good leasing program provides options that allow you to tailor it to fit your month-to-month or year-to-year cash flow needs. READ MORE
March 2005
From 2001 to 2003, the United States saw the worst industrial decline since the Depression with customer capacity reduction, including outsourcing and consolidation. “The focus has always been to decrease cost and increase uptime and machine process control,” said Keith Nosbusch, chief executive officer of Rockwell Automation. READ MORE
February 2005
When computer-drawn Blueprints for electrical contractors And other tradesmen first appeared, few people really understood AutoCAD or how to use it. In today's fast-paced construction industry, if you are still unsure of what CAD can do, you may find yourself losing out on some valuable contracts. READ MORE
November 2004
Last year's blackout sparked a sharp rise in consumer interest in ensuring constant uptime, which has provided more and more opportunities for the electrical contractor. With this increased demand comes the consumer's desire for more cost-effective power. As a result, several manufacturers have introduced products to more efficiently achieve this goal. READ MORE
October 2004
Manufacturers, NECA, and IBEW work on certification Since C-STAR is set to make its debut soon, it is time to take another look at the comprehensive certification for low-voltage systems installers. READ MORE