Kellie K. Speed

Freelance Writer

Kellie Speed is a freelance writer based in Weymouth, Mass. She can be reached at 617.529.2676 or

Articles by Kellie K. Speed

March 2014
Recessed housings have come a long way since their initial introduction into the marketplace. Today, more electrical contractors are using low voltage housings to provide task lighting and are including further accents with a full range of trims. READ MORE
February 2009
When installing recessed fixtures, carefully consider the location of the units. The presence of combustible materials surrounding the luminaire is very important, and recessed lights can act as chimneys for heat loss and moisture transfer into attic spaces. Many residential fires have resulted from improperly installed or modified recessed light fixtures, but they can be easily avoided. READ MORE
December 2007
Wireless lighting controls are finding their own niche, especially in institutional and educational settings, because of the many advantages they offer. Lighting controls with dimmers can powerfully affect the ambience of a room, and wireless products’ low cost and simple installations make obvious additions to your building and renovation repertoire. Rise and shine for class READ MORE
November 2007
Today's electrical contractors (ECs) are capitalizing on the ever-increasing opportunities presented in installing generators for residential use. Whether working with portable or stand-alone generators, there are numerous criteria to consider when installing backup power supplies. READ MORE
April 2007
Benefits of rooftop solar power systems: READ MORE
February 2007
High-efficiency lighting sparks new market for electrical contractors: READ MORE
January 2007
Contractors pass business down to new generation that faces new challenges: READ MORE
October 2006
Speelman Electric assists housing authority in lighting installation When Ameresco was seeking a contractor for the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (AMHA) $10 million energy conservation project, the company called on Speelman Electric Inc., Tallmadge, Ohio. Ameresco, an energy services company headquartered in Massachusetts, was hired by AMHA to replace and restore the fixtures. READ MORE
September 2006
Use a fleet management program to maximize your valuable assets TRACKING, MANAGING AND COMMUNICATING with employees is not only a challenge but a critical factor in running a successful business. As a result, more electrical contractors are using computers to identify and control maintenance expenses and to communicate more effectively with drivers on matters of safety and operating costs. READ MORE