Julie Knudson

Freelance Writer

Julie Knudson worked in facilities and telecom management before becoming a freelance business writer. She can be reached at www.julieknudson.com.

Articles by Julie Knudson

June 2012
Experienced low-voltage contractors know that there is more to taking an integration and wiring plan through to installation than just following a schematic—it is about marrying the theory of what the customer wants with the hands-on reality of how structured cabling fits into and supports a wider system infrastructure. READ MORE
April 2012
Over the years, I have been in too many communication rooms where cable management was an afterthought or, worse, nonexistent. Ropes of hastily zip-tied cable bundles wind around each other. READ MORE
April 2012
Many companies will remember 2011 for its ups and downs, but history might also label it as the year electrical contractors (ECs) embraced social media. Cupertino Electric Inc., San Jose, Calif., got into the game in a big way last year. READ MORE
February 2012
BICSI’s healthcare subcommittee’s new document will offer increased detail on systems used in healthcare environments. Notably, it will showcase additional industry issues low-voltage contractors need to consider. READ MORE