Julie Knudson

Freelance Writer

Julie Knudson worked in facilities and telecom management before becoming a freelance business writer. She can be reached at www.julieknudson.com.

Articles by Julie Knudson

February 2014
Electrical contractors (ECs) know that, first and foremost, the removal of abandoned cable is a National Electrical Code issue. But additional considerations make it even more crucial that unused, untagged cables be pulled out.
February 2014
Approved back in 2012, the ANSI/TIA-606-B labeling standard is taking its time catching on among electrical contractors (ECs). But, some advantages include better clarity and improved efficiency in the long run.
December 2013
Big data, that slightly overwhelming concept where staggering amounts of information are gathered and analyzed in search of useful data nuggets, continues its creep into the building automation market. READ MORE
October 2013
Sometimes, customer requests turn out to be very good things. When a customer approached the team at Hilscher-Clarke Electric in Canton, Ohio, about outfitting its plant with air-blown fiber (ABF), Bill Habyan, RCDD, project manager and industrial division manager, said it prompted his company to add the technology to its repertoire. READ MORE
June 2013
Are wireless controls taking market share from their wired brethren? A report released by Navigant Research says they are. Growth in the sector is expected to continue, with annual worldwide shipments of wireless nodes for building controls forecast to surpass 36 million by 2020. One of the drivers behind the increased use of wireless controls may be that installation is relatively painless.
January 2013
The National Electrical Code requires that cabling must be removed if it isn’t properly tagged for future use. Outside of that mandate, there are other reasons—financial, legal and plain common sense—to get rid of cables that are no longer needed. READ MORE
December 2012
You’ve probably heard it. You might have even said it. “Wireless will be the death knell for structured cabling.” While wireless is certainly infiltrating many sectors of the commercial/industrial/­institutional (CII) realm, electrical contractors (ECs) worried that structured cabling is on the way out are discovering the reality may be just the opposite. READ MORE
October 2012
For low-voltage contractors eager to seize more market share in the residential sector, home automation may be where ground can be gained. A BCC Research study revealed that the U.S. market for home automation systems and devices is expected to see strong growth over the next several years. READ MORE
August 2012
Nearly all low-voltage contractors provide cable testing services. If you are one of them, are you getting everything out of the process that you can? READ MORE