Joseph M. Kelly

Freelance Writer

Joe Kelly, is currently senior editor in the Periodicals Group at the American Bankers Association, has been a magazine editor and writer for the bulk of his career. In 1998, Kelly became associate editor of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine and was named editor in January 2000, a position he held until May 2003. He was instrumental in the 2002 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine redesign and the 2003 Web site redesign. In addition, he helped launch Security + Life Safety Systems, in March 2003.

Kelly currently lives in Baltimore with his wife and two children and frequently contributes to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR.

Articles by Joseph M. Kelly

April 2002
There’s no question that lighting is one of the most important aspects of any electrical contractor’s bid package. Lighting in many cases is the largest portion of their jobs. With the “2001 Lighting Survey,” ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine hopes to shed some light on the role electrical contractors play in illuminating buildings and homes across the nation. READ MORE