Joseph M. Kelly

Freelance Writer

Joe Kelly, is currently senior editor in the Periodicals Group at the American Bankers Association, has been a magazine editor and writer for the bulk of his career. In 1998, Kelly became associate editor of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine and was named editor in January 2000, a position he held until May 2003. He was instrumental in the 2002 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine redesign and the 2003 Web site redesign. In addition, he helped launch Security + Life Safety Systems, in March 2003.

Kelly currently lives in Baltimore with his wife and two children and frequently contributes to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR.

Articles by Joseph M. Kelly

March 2007
Electrical contractors head home for emerging opportunities READ MORE
January 2007
Sidestepping Obstacles and Embracing Opportunities: READ MORE
July 2006
To forge a future in this business, you must know your history, determine who you are, and decide what direction you should head. Knowing how you fit into the landscape of electrical construction is equally important to laying the framework for what is on the horizon. READ MORE
June 2003
While international terrorists plan their next attacks on government assets, the government is quickly and decisively ramping up its defenses in this post-9/11 society. You cannot even mention “government projects” without at least alluding to the events of Sept. 11, 2001 or homeland security. It’s simply no longer possible. Our collective mindset has changed forever. As I write this, the U.S. READ MORE
May 2003
When my 4-year-old son required hospitalization in March, the parent in me was happy with the facility. But the editor in me paid close attention to security systems and procedures, seeking holes—ways intruders could dodge the system and gain access. Upon arrival at the hospital, I was given a plastic badge with my son’s room number printed on its face. In return, they held my driver’s license. READ MORE
March 2003
School systems, colleges and universities are investing heavily to ensure their facilities adequately protect students from an increasingly unstable outside world. According to School Planning & Management’s Seventh Annual School Construction Report, $20 billion worth of spending went into school projects in 2002. READ MORE
March 2003
A new closed circuit over twisted pair (CCTP) surveillance system developed by data communications distributor Anixter Inc., in conjunction with manufacturer partners Philips CSI, Belden Wire & Cable, and Middle Atlantic, effectively melds digital closed circuit (CCTV) technology with a local area network (LAN) infrastructure. READ MORE
October 2002
An electrical contracting company is worthless on a job site without the proper people and the right tools. Equipping skilled employees with the appropriate tools and equipment at the right time is the difference between profits and disaster. Just ask any contractor who has neglected tool inventories only to discover a glitch when a deadline is already in jeopardy. READ MORE
June 2002
Every two years for more than four decades, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine has conducted original, in-depth research to help paint a clear picture of what makes up an electrical contractor. This year, we revamped the questionnaire to better reflect the dynamics of a changing industry. READ MORE