Joseph M. Kelly

Freelance Writer

Joe Kelly, is currently senior editor in the Periodicals Group at the American Bankers Association, has been a magazine editor and writer for the bulk of his career. In 1998, Kelly became associate editor of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine and was named editor in January 2000, a position he held until May 2003. He was instrumental in the 2002 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine redesign and the 2003 Web site redesign. In addition, he helped launch Security + Life Safety Systems, in March 2003.

Kelly currently lives in Baltimore with his wife and two children and frequently contributes to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR.

Articles by Joseph M. Kelly

August 2009
When people in electrical construction think about outside line work, they think of overhead lines, repair work, linemen, hooks, bucket trucks and traditional distribution. They think of crews battling bad weather to restore power to places affected by ice and storms. READ MORE
June 2009
Using a skiing analogy, Standard & Poor’s chief economist, David Wyss, explained the current economic situation: “The economy is still heading downhill but on a lesser slope,” he said in the April 23, 2009, S&P Market Views report on “We’re off the black diamond. We’re onto the blue slope. We’re a little more confident that somewhere ahead there’s a chairlift.” READ MORE
January 2009
At a time when things could not look much worse economically, there is some good news to accompany the overwhelming bad. First, the bad news. “The economic outlook is a disaster,” said Michael J. Mandel, chief economist for BusinessWeek, during a presentation at the October 2008 McGraw-Hill Construction Outlook 2009 Executive Conference in Washington, D.C. READ MORE
July 2008
For more than 50 years, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine has listened carefully to its readers through a biennial survey that delves into how electrical contractors conduct their businesses. The data opens our eyes to what is truly happening on job sites around the country and on the front lines of electrical construction. READ MORE
May 2008
The industry heard the warnings and saw the red flags. On Sept. 7, 2004, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) entered into a national agreement with its International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) labor partner to provide a national substance-abuse policy. READ MORE
April 2008
When Major League Baseball returned to Washington, DC, in 2005 with the relocation of the Montreal Expos, a 34-year hiatus ended. A lot of work had yet to begin. While the new Washington Nationals played its first three seasons in aging Robert F. READ MORE
January 2008
Each year, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR uses its January issue to focus on the construction market in order to uncover trends that shape the electrical construction business. This annual spotlight synthesizes commentary from leading market experts from a variety of sources to provide an overview of what electrical contractors can expect in 2008 and beyond. READ MORE
August 2007
No one understands products, brands and manufacturers better than the professionals responsible for installing products on the job site. As electrical contractors, your experience—and the experience of your trusted electricians and cable technicians—tells you which products, brands and manufacturers deliver and which ones fall short. READ MORE
March 2007
Electrical contractors head home for emerging opportunities READ MORE