John Paul Quinn

Freelance Writer

John Paul Quinn reports on a broad range of business and industry issues for journals in the United States and Europe. He can be reached at 203.323.9850 and

Articles by John Paul Quinn

July 2008
Perhaps one of the most critical—and least noticed—supporting roles in the nation’s ongoing defense effort against possible terrorist attacks is being played behind the scenes by the elec-trical contractors who install the security systems in and around our ports and adjacent transportation centers. READ MORE
June 2008
There is a special type of project—one that doesn’t come along every day—that requires the full-time presence and undivided attention of a permanent on-site project manager (PM). Electrical contractors who have done this sort of work agree that the key to success on this type of job is precisely matching the correct manager with the project. READ MORE
April 2008
The integrated building system (IBS) concept, sometimes known as building automation, has presented the designer and the electrical contractor with more complex challenges than traditional individual systems did. One of the more critical challenges is ensuring that the requisite power demands of the entire facility under construction are met. READ MORE
February 2008
If there is any major US city that is as knee-deep in history as it is in fairly regular hurricane-driven flood waters, it would have to be New Orleans, which makes it the logical place to find electrical contractors who know as much as there is to know about the fine points of historic renovation work. READ MORE
October 2007
By all accounts, the electrical contracting industry is facing a significant shortfall of qualified workers, and this situation will become even more serious over the next 10 years. A recent study published by the Washington-based Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) reports the need for union electricians will increase from 11,000 to 14,000 workers per year over the next decade. READ MORE
July 2007
There seems to be two conflicting certainties about the photovoltaic (PV) or solar module installation market: It is a rapidly expanding and lucrative opportunity, and curiously, not that many electrical contractors are aware of it or have chosen to explore its potential. READ MORE
May 2007
European electrical contractors have much in common with their U.S. counterparts, sharing many similar opportunities and challenges. However, they also are grappling with a unique historical situation, participating in the ongoing construction and powering of a “New Europe”—the expanding European Union (EU) of nation-states. READ MORE
March 2007
In the realm of design/build, residential work has been the road less traveled, since the majority of electrical contractors have chosen to beat a path to the larger and more lucrative commercial/industrial/institutional (CII) projects of this kind, but that may be changing. READ MORE
November 2006
WHEN THE ISLAND OF OAHU was hit by a magnitude 6.6 earthquake at 7:07 a.m. on Oct. 15, 291,000 customers woke up to no power. But fortunately for them, the Hawaiian Electric Co. Inc. (HECO) has an emergency power restoration system in place for such emergencies. Power was restored to 99 percent of the utility’s customers within 19 hours. READ MORE