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John Paul Quinn reports on a broad range of business and industry issues for journals in the United States and Europe. He can be reached at 203.323.9850 and

Articles by John Paul Quinn

November 2011
Whether we like it or not, and regardless of our individual technical expertise, we live in the hour of the BlackBerry, iPhone, the iPod, the Internet websites and apps and operating systems ad infinitum. Given this incredible range of technological communications possibilities, the question is, how will the historical day-to-day interaction between electrical contractor and distributor change? READ MORE
October 2011
Legend has it that, at the turn of the 20th century, the Chicago department store magnate Marshall Field instructed his salespeople that the customer is always right. Coincidentally, across the Atlantic, French hotelier César Ritz was telling his staff, “Le client n’a jamais tort”—“The customer is never wrong.” READ MORE
September 2011
During the opening minutes of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” set in a dimly lit saloon, Butch teasingly warns Sundance that maybe he shouldn’t be getting into gunfights anymore. “We all keep getting older,” Butch said. READ MORE
July 2011
"LED" is often used in casual converstion, and most people think they know what these initials stand for. Actally, most people don’t. So, the critical and practical question is: what do electrical contractors really need to know about the history and development of LED technology in dealing with their customers? READ MORE
July 2011
It’s not often that an electrical contractor has the opportunity to sell a product line that saves a customer time, money and energy; promotes green sustainability; and reduces the load on the nation’s power grid. But that’s what industry observers say LED lighting sources can do. READ MORE
April 2011
Decisions on the appropriate lighting source are more pervasive than most of us realize. One could trace lighting design even as far back as the Bible, where in Genesis, Chapter I, God declares, “Let there be light.” READ MORE
January 2011
The economic recovery, almost without exception, has been coming slower than snail’s pace for the construction industry. The stimulus strongbox still has project cash in it, but much of it is for massive jobs the average contractor isn’t in place to handle, and by some estimates, a quarter of the nation’s electricians are out of work. READ MORE
November 2010
Every contractor knows about the green grounding wire. But there is a distinct possibility that too many contractors aren’t aware there is another kind of green wire intertwined in the supply chain leading down from manufacturer, through distributor, to contractor. It has to do with a highly charged legislative and political issue that could be hazardous to the contractor’s business. READ MORE
March 2010
It’s no secret that the residential construction market has been in the septic tank for the last few years, and especially the last two, with annual spending plummeting a staggering 34 percent in 2008 and then another 40 percent in 2009; the gravity of the situation has varied by region, but the Seattle/Tacoma area in Washington seems to have weathered this resi-tsunami better than most. READ MORE