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John Paul Quinn reports on a broad range of business and industry issues for journals in the United States and Europe. He can be reached at 203.323.9850 and

Articles by John Paul Quinn

May 2015
One of the more popular American show-business legends is the one about P.T. Barnum and the egress. In 1841, Barnum launched his American Museum at the corner of Broadway and Ann Street in Lower Manhattan. On opening day, folks came in droves to see Tom Thumb, the original Siamese twins, and all manner of curiosities and marvels. READ MORE
February 2015
Simply stated, the Sistine Chapel is a really big room with many remarkable paintings, but there are many stories behind the hall and its art.
October 2014
It’s no secret that the global economy, available energy supply and the balance-sheet status of the worldwide electrical supply-chain industry are never going to return to the levels they reached at the end of the 20th century. There is no optimistic rebound coming.
  • Floyd Young of Red Top Electric Co. said that early participation in the DB process and coordination of the entire team are the most critical contributing factors to success
August 2014
It is generally accepted that design/build (DB) projects represent a source of lucrative work for electrical contractors (ECs). In fact, ECs cite this discipline as one that will contribute to future growth.At the beginning of READ MORE
June 2014
For roughly a century, electrical contractors (ECs) have used copper or aluminum wiring. Their coexistence at times has been competitive. The nature of the application and, in some cases, price have dictated the choice between the metals. 
March 2014
Despite the fact that the US Census Bureau reported, at the end of 2013, that housing starts had increased 29 percent over the previous year, electrical contractors (ECs) generally agree that the residential market is not exactly taking off at rocketship pace. READ MORE
November 2013
On the job site, it’s always been about having the right tools and equipment. This probably goes back to about 250 B.C. when independent general contractor Archimedes was working on a project in Sicily and said, “Give me a place to stand, and the right lever, and I could lift the earth.”
October 2013
Ben Franklin already knew enough about grounding to keep the portion of the kite string he was holding dry. Otherwise when the lightning streaked down the wet part of the line and hit the key, he might have received more than a mild shcok when he moved his hand near the key. Legend has it that the experience was striking enough to send him indoors where he set about inventing the lightning rod. READ MORE
August 2013
Electrical contractors’ participation in design/build (D/B) projects continues to increase annually, with 36 percent of the respondents to Electrical ­Contractor’s 2012 Profile of the Electrical Contractor study stating that their influence on overall electrical design is significant. READ MORE