John Fulmer

Freelance Writer

John Fulmer is a freelance writer based in Joppa, Md., and former editor of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine. He can be reached at

Articles by John Fulmer

December 2004
There's a growing urgency in the development of “green” or “smart” building, and learning to install its energy infrastructure-which is called integrated building systems (IBS) and involves tying together HVAC, electrical, security, lighting and fire alarm systems-could well be a boon to contractors. READ MORE
October 2004
Hospitality and gaming are markets well worth watching for security and life-safety systems installers and industry professionals. Hotel owners and security departments, faced with ever-increasing security demands, need to know what developments—some of them amazing—are being made in this sector. Contractors and installers need to keep up with the latest equipment available. READ MORE
October 2004
Training and education are an important part of your business. It keeps you and your workers up-to-date with the latest industry trends, which translates into money. The better trained and better educated your work force, the better off you are when it comes to competing for jobs, especially in the lucrative low-voltage market. READ MORE
September 2004
Michael Mazzeo remembers it was a beautiful morning. On Sept. 11, 2001, he sat aboard a Boeing 767 at New York’s JFK Airport, not far from his contracting business in Long Island City, headed for an electrical conference in San Francisco, when someone came into the cabin and said a plane had hit the World Trade Center. “I looked out the window, it was a sunny day; it was gorgeous,” Mazzeo said. READ MORE
September 2004
Recently, a contractor in Iowa called me and asked if I knew about a Code change on A-based meters that was published in this magazine. A friend had borrowed his copy and he couldn’t get the information. The Code change was unfamiliar to me, and I directed him to what I hoped was the appropriate person. READ MORE
August 2004
In our 2004 Survey of the Electrical Contractor, published in last month’s issue, we found on average 46 percent of our respondents’ revenue came from design-build projects. That’s a healthy percentage, but it’s up just 2 percent from the 2002 survey, and this small gain suggests design-build might have hit a wall. READ MORE
August 2004
Some industry experts say design-build will be the preferred project-delivery method in commercial construction within a decade. The practice is growing in acceptance—though the public sector is a stumbling block—and new and less-expensive design software could be a boost to contractors who want even more control of their work. READ MORE
August 2004
For many people, a trip to the airport is the most potent reminder of terror in our new age of heightened security. We wait in long lines to be X-rayed and metal-detected. We see guards everywhere, often accompanied by dogs. We find checkpoints bristling with new technology such as sophisticated wrong-way exit-lane monitors. Cameras poke out from every nook and cranny to watch our every move. READ MORE
July 2004
In journalism, it’s conventional to tell readers the who, what, where, how and why of a story, and that’s what we’ve done in interpreting the survey results from the 2004 PROFILE OF THE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. READ MORE