John Fulmer

Freelance Writer

John Fulmer is a freelance writer based in Joppa, Md., and former editor of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine. He can be reached at

Articles by John Fulmer

March 2006
Wellington Power Corp., a Pittsburgh-based electrical contractor, is helping to relieve one of the worst bottlenecks in the United States by electrifying the world’s largest drawbridge. For more than two years, Wellington has been working on the new Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge that will cross the Potomac River near Alexandria, Va., on the Capital Beltway. READ MORE
February 2006
California’s revised Title 24 Energy-Efficiency Standards went into effect on Oct. 1, 2005, but for months prior to that, Gary Flamm, a lighting expert with the state’s Energy Commission (CEC), traveled across the country and extensively around the Golden State, spreading the word, soothing nerves and trying his best to explain the changes to come. READ MORE
January 2006
As 2005 came to a close, many economists blamed a cloudy future on a femme fatale named Katrina. Anthropomorphism, giving human characteristics to something inanimate, is a tricky device, usually frowned upon in writing. Yet we’ve all read—or heard on TV and radio—countless times about Katrina’s “wrath” or her “fury,” as if this external force we could not control must have vindictive emotions. READ MORE
May 2005
Though estimating software has become more sophisticated, the process of scrutinizing a blueprint and figuring labor and material costs still needs the human touch. READ MORE
April 2005
We have a couple of items for April. One is an information update from a previous column. Another concerns new sustainable building requirements, which is very topical. It is a bit of a head's up on how these requirements may have hidden costs you might miss in a bid. First, the updated information. Last month we answered a reader's question about post-bid feedback. READ MORE
March 2005
Astute, regular and faithful readers of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR'S “Estimating” column may have noticed last month's entry wasn't written by long-time contributor Eric David. READ MORE
February 2005
In June 2003, Richard Manrod presented his paper, “The How, Why and Future of Estimating” to NECA's Academy of Electrical Contracting. Since things change so rapidly, we talked to Manrod to find out if some of his ideas have come true. Manrod, an instructor for McCormick estimating systems since 1999, has an impressive resume. He operated Manrod Electric Inc., in Rockford, Ill., for 35 years. READ MORE
January 2005
Last year's ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR's Construction Forecast went halfway out on a limb to prognosticate that 2005 "may be a big year all around." It's easy-and wise-to be tentative in predicting this year's economy, and some industry gurus have done just that, sticking with "maybe." A group of these gurus assembled at the Reed Construction Data's North American Construction Forecast conference and t READ MORE
December 2004
In the past few years, there has been a great deal of buzz over integrated systems and this issue is dedicated to that new way of construction. The terms and their abbreviations used in this market sector are often interchangeable. Integrated building systems (IBS) or building management systems (BMS). Maybe building automated systems (BAS) sounds better. READ MORE