Joe Salimando

Freelance Writer

Joe Salimando is a Vienna, Va.-based freelance writer and frequent contributor to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. He can be reached at

Articles by Joe Salimando

August 2002
Let’s say there was a place you could go to get the latest information on lighting, including hard-to-find items and maybe even some decent prices. Considering the historic fact that lighting makes up about 25 percent of the dollars electrical contractors spend on the purchase of materials for installation, you’d probably take a look at least. READ MORE
August 2002
Here’s the theory: More people are working at home. They and their children want high-speed Internet access (also known as “broadband”). Therefore, forecasters say the future will see millions of new signups for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or digital cable modem (via the cable TV company). What does this have to do with you? READ MORE
July 2002
This is the last of three consecutive columns about distributors and e-commerce. The last two installments covered: Grainger, Rexel and Sonepar; and WESCO, Vanguard Distribution and “NetPricer” from, respectively. GE Supply Jim Burke, e-business leader here, responded to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR’s questions in writing. READ MORE
June 2002
Just a few years ago, knowledgeable electrical contractors believed that the trick was to virtually “give away” an initial VDV installation, and, by landing a service contract in that way, capitalize for years on the very lucrative moves, adds and changes (MACs) that followed. Perhaps that’s still the case. READ MORE
June 2002
This is the second of three columns dealing with industry distributors and what they are doing on e-commerce. This column deals with WESCO Distribution, one of the biggest electrical distributors in the world; Vanguard Group, a consortium of independent distributors who specialize in the industry market; and a new “NetPricer” offering from READ MORE
May 2002
The average electrical contractor spends perhaps three-quarters of his or her material dollars with distributors. What are these “old reliable” vendors doing on e-commerce? That’s the subject of this column, covering Grainger, Rexel and Sonepar. It is also the subject of the next two, covering GE Supply, Graybar, SupplyFORCE, Vanguard and WESCO. READ MORE
April 2002
This is the last piece in a series on companies marketing e-commerce services to electrical contractors. We’ve been able to limit this coverage to four columns because so few companies now seek to provide these solutions. READ MORE
March 2002
TradePower’s businesses form a three-legged stool. Right now, that third leg, the digital marketplace, is the weakest. But if the company’s venture capital backers (at Boston Ventures) are correct, someday the third leg might dwarf the others. Details of the digital marketplace are available at READ MORE