Jim Hayes

Fiber Optics Columnist and Freelance Writer

HAYES is a VDV writer and trainer and the president of The Fiber Optic Association. Find him at www.JimHayes.com.

Articles by Jim Hayes

October 2013
When we discuss copper, fiber and wireless, we focus on the media, often without regard to the networks for which the media are supposed to provide connections. To better understand the role of the media and the selection of the best choice, it helps to understand networks.
September 2013
This is the first in a series of columns on networks and cabling—media, really—as we explore the nature of networks, their cabling needs and how they have evolved to provide for today’s “always connected” society. The goal is to give you the information you need to assist your customers and maybe better plan for your future. 
August 2013
Recently, I was training a group of instructors and heard a complaint that I had heard before from another Fiber Optic Association (FOA) training organization. Both had purchased Miller strippers for their training classes, and these particular strippers had a problem—they consistently broke the fibers.
July 2013
Recent columns have focused on tools and test equipment and how to use them, but what about taking care of them properly? This point was brought home to me recently when I spent two days training instructors to help them get started with their Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certification classes. READ MORE
June 2013
Now that we’ve covered the test equipment and learned how to estimate the measured loss using a loss budget, it’s time for one more related topic: creating the test conditions to get the “right answer.” And what, you might ask, is the right answer?
June 2013
Termination of installed optical fiber cables has always been perceived as a difficult, expensive, time-consuming process that discouraged some contractors from developing in-house capability for fiber installation. READ MORE
May 2013
The last two columns covered fiber optic power meters, test sources and the reference cables you need to test the loss of installed fiber optic cable plants. This month, I discuss using these instruments properly and how to determine if a tested cable plant passes or fails the test.
April 2013
Last month, I discussed one of the most important tools in the fiber tech’s toolbox: the fiber optic power meter. This month, let’s examine the other tool that is equally important: the test source used with the power meter to measure the loss of the cable plant. And, while we’re at it, let’s cover the role of reference cables in testing insertion loss.
March 2013
While we’re on the subject of tools, we should look at some of the testing tools in a fiber optic toolbox that often do not get enough attention (see Fiber Optics, February 2013). We often instruct techs to use a power meter to test loss or measure the power at the transmitter or receiver for troubleshooting, but we usually assume they know how this gadget works and the proper way to use it.