Jim Hayes

Fiber Optics Columnist and Freelance Writer

HAYES is a VDV writer and trainer and the president of The Fiber Optic Association. Find him at www.JimHayes.com.

Articles by Jim Hayes

October 2006
Cabling gurus have been working feverishly to develop an unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP) that will support 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), but it has not been easy. The standardization of a higher performance Cat 6 cable is coming rapidly, and news about its development has been reported everywhere recently. Let's check how current your information is. 1. READ MORE
September 2006
From Copper to Fiber Optics   READ MORE
September 2006
Immunity to EMI makes copper-fiber cable attractive We marveled at photos of the Titanic taken by the team headed by Dr. Robert Ballard, who located the shipwreck in 1986. But how many of us realized the photos were made possible by a special type of fiber optic cable? READ MORE
August 2006
The majority of Fiber optic connectors are still installed in a process that uses an adhesive to attach the connector to the fiber and polishing to finish the end surface of the connector. There are three basic types of adhesives used, commonly referred to as epoxy, anaerobic and Hot Melt, which is a 3M product name. READ MORE
July 2006
The problem always cited with optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) measurements, especially on multimode premises cable plants, is they generally do not agree with insertion loss measurements made with a light source and power meter. The indirect measurement of the OTDR depends on the backscatter of the fiber, which may not be a constant from fiber to fiber. READ MORE
June 2006
Recently, we received a phone call from a fiber optic instructor we know asking an unusual question. Can you run single-mode fiber to the desktop? Of course, we told him, why not? His confusion was based on his understanding of the TIA-568-B standard for structured cabling, which only includes single-mode fiber or multimode fiber in the backbone and multimode fiber only to the desktop. READ MORE
May 2006
While wandering the aisles at a trade show for consumer electronics, I was surprised to find several vendors selling fiber optic cables. READ MORE
April 2006
The optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) has been an important tool for fiber optic testing and troubleshooting since its invention 25 years ago. We have discussed this several times in this column and in other Electrical Contractor articles, so I hope you are already familiar with them. READ MORE
March 2006
Most cabling installers have only a vague notion of what goes on the end of the cables they install or how the equipment works, especially when it comes to fiber optics. Sending signals using light instead of electricity must seem magical to someone who has not studied fiber optic communications beyond the cables. It is not complicated, just different. READ MORE