Jim Hayes

Fiber Optics Columnist and Freelance Writer

HAYES is a VDV writer and trainer and the president of The Fiber Optic Association. Find him at www.JimHayes.com.

Articles by Jim Hayes

November 2017
Like many technology markets, telecom has always been a hotbed of hype. Somebody is always talking up the latest and greatest technology that will revolutionize the market. Not too long ago, it was fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). Recently, wireless has been getting all the attention.
October 2017
Back in the early 1980s, when I first began working on standards committees for fiber optics, it was under the auspices of the Electronics Industry Association before they merged with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and turned the work over to them. READ MORE
September 2017
My introduction to fiber optics was a guided tour of the Bell Labs section where they were developing the technology being used for the first commercial networks. What I remember most was the office of Jack Cook, the engineer developing the Biconic connector. The door to Jack’s office looked like it had a beaded curtain, but it was not beads; it was made of Biconic connector patchcords.
August 2017
As I discussed last month, one of the most complicated problems electrical utilities face is integrating alternative-energy sources into the traditional grid. In addition to the traditional large electrical generation sources—fossil fuels, hydroelectric and nuclear—utilities must now deal with large numbers of smaller sources of power.
July 2017
We are all aware fiber optics is the backbone of communications networks such as telecom, the internet, local area networks, cable television and more. It’s also the backbone of the electrical grid. READ MORE
June 2017
In our technological world, we all know training is mandatory to successfully break into any new type of work. For more than 25 years, the Fiber Optics Association (FOA) has been involved with training courses for electricians who want to get involved in fiber optics and cabling.
May 2017
Last Fall, a contractor working for Google Fiber in Nashville, Tenn., made headlines for breaking a 36-inch water main while doing directional boring. That was the second time that contractor had broken a water main in a week. In a year of construction, fiber contractors in Nashville had caused damage to water mains between 71 and 82 times (accounts differ on the exact number). READ MORE
April 2017
Six years ago, with no experience as an internet service provider (ISP) or telecom service provider, Google Fiber generated an immense amount of excitement by announcing that the company was going to build a gigabit-speed fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network for Kansas City, Mo., a city chosen from more than 1,000 applicants. READ MORE
March 2017
I think most people would agree the responsibility for a project’s success or failure ultimately lies with the project manager. I’ve seen quite a few instances of project problems caused by poor management, and many of the help calls we get at the Fiber Optics Association (FOA) indicate the manager’s lack of fiber optics knowledge.