Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

Freelance Writer

Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas is a freelance writer who lives in central Pennsylvania.

Articles by Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

April 2008
Some customers come with their own special circumstances and nuances. Contractors must acknowledge and work with these if they intend to make the relationship long-lasting. With the intimate nature of the healthcare industry, you can do well to set some rules for yourself to create a lasting and successful client relationship. READ MORE
April 2008
Flywheel energy stortage eliminates the need for uninterruptible power supplies’ (UPS) lead-acid battery banks, which heightens reliability, longevity, uptime availability and safety. Lower operating costs and reduced space requirements and maintenance are other benefits, and unlike lead-acid batteries, compact flywheel energy storage systems don’t require air conditioned space. READ MORE
March 2008
When wireless automation first appeared, there was competition between ZigBee and Z-Wave to integrate building electronics into a wireless network. Over time, Z-Wave forged ahead in terms of ability and wireless applications in the home-automation market, while ZigBee seems to have found its niche in commercial and industrial markets. READ MORE
March 2008
Construction remains, for the most part, a paper-based industry. The introduction, acceptance and use of software has reduced some of the paperwork associated with contracting and construction, but many still are not using such solutions to their advantage. READ MORE
February 2008
Selling solutions and products to end-users is basically the same in any vertical market. Every customer needs a constant stream of communication and understanding. Schools, short of a few extra rules, regulations and constraints, have funds to spend the same as everyone else. They should be viewed and treated no differently than other customers. READ MORE
February 2008
Internet protocol (IP) plays an increasingly large part in communications. Recently, schools have been adopting it, as IP has proven itself to be a beneficial, affordable and reliable technology. IP is the system that allows electronic devices to find each other over a network. READ MORE
February 2008
One of the largest emerging trends in data center technology is 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GbE). According to Bud Noren, senior product manager, Fulcrum Microsystems, there are three high-level trends that have become forces within the data center: consolidation, virtualization and convergence. READ MORE
January 2008
Infiniband is another advanced technology item that has crept into the daily lexicon of IT departments and is, therefore, something contractors need to know. Simply put, InfiniBand is a high-performance architecture of products that connects servers together into clusters and to remote storage. READ MORE
December 2007
The implementation of design/build means more power and input for any given specialty contractor on the job site. It puts more responsibility on the contractor and also gives said contractor the opportunity to provide myriad services that extend beyond installation. READ MORE