Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

Freelance Writer

Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas is a freelance writer who lives in central Pennsylvania.

Articles by Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

June 2003
Before we even begin to talk about the system side of CRM, we should breeze through a quick overview of what exactly CRM is and what it essentially means. You cannot read a magazine, business journal, trade publication or newspaper without seeing this term thrown around like crazy. CRM—Customer Relationship Management—is, at its core, a mindset. READ MORE
June 2003
Without a shadow of a doubt, the events of Sept. 11, 2001, changed the world. Our understanding of what it means to feel safe and secure were forever altered. On top of that historic tragedy, we were all forced to reckon with previously unknown entities such as Anthrax scares, global terrorism and threats of biological and chemical attacks. READ MORE
May 2003
Backing up your backups—aka redundancy—is critical Having backup for the backup to the backup is the only way to go in power and systems. For the healthcare market, which provides critical and comprehensive care 24/7, it’s a necessity. Making sure any and all critical systems have some form of built-in redundancy takes on even more importance for these institutions. READ MORE
May 2003
A system assessment is essentially a comprehensive overview of the structure, layout and functionality of any given system. In the world of electrical contractors, we are more often than not referring to networking systems, even though the same methodology applies to electrical systems. READ MORE
April 2003
The more things change . . . READ MORE
March 2003
Because we all want to feel safe and secure, the prevalence and necessity of security systems has always been a driving factor in business and industry. The tragic events of Sept. 11 have pushed the envelope even further and it now seems as if everyone wants to install a security system or upgrade their current one. This is not unexpected, since we all would like to feel safe again. READ MORE
February 2003
System maintenance can be about anything you want it to be. It could be in reference to communications (data or voice networks), electrical, mechanical, security or anything your heart or bottom line desires. You may think that such a statement is too sweeping and general, right? Wrong. On the contrary, if you sit back and think about it, it does make sense––mainly financial sense. READ MORE
January 2003
To start with, let us clarify one thing: CXO is the latest industry acronym. OK, even if it is not the newest, most popular buzzword on the street, we are officially claiming it to be so starting now. It definitely makes sense, what with all of the CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs—the list can go on and on. CXO has become the new way of describing someone in an executive role. READ MORE
January 2003
Just yesterday, or so it seems, wireless technology meant nothing more than cell phones. In fact, it may be that the whole love affair with all things wireless truly began with pagers. Remember when everybody and their brother had one? Don’t you wonder where they all went? Things never stay the same, do they? READ MORE