Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

Freelance Writer

Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas is a freelance writer who lives in central Pennsylvania.

Articles by Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

April 2004
Healthcare is an exciting and dynamic industry. It has changed, technologically, and many institutions are experiencing growth or perhaps are upgrading their facilities. In Utah, where the mountains and vistas are a majestic part of the landscape, the healthcare industry and the locale are equally progressive and impressive. READ MORE
April 2004
Choices include surveillance, access control and location Safety and security systems for any healthcare facility are complex. There are so many “systems” available that it is quite daunting to decide which ones are worth the investment. READ MORE
April 2004
The wired home is more prevalent than ever Thanks to our technology-driven world, the American dream of home ownership has evolved into owning a “wired” home that allows for enhanced networking. Home networking has become a multimillion dollar industry. Though specialized, it is basically a small-scale version of commercial networking that has been driving business for years. READ MORE
March 2004
Videoconferencing allows visual contact without travel Who could have predicted that one day we could all instantly communicate no matter where we were, no matter what we were doing? Thanks to our old friend and revenue generator, better known as “technology,” we have found ourselves in a time that allows for such magic to occur on a daily basis. READ MORE
February 2004
The education market has gone through many changes over the years. Advances in technology seem to have provided the biggest differences. Just think about it: computers are more commonplace than ever and many kids don’t even know what a typewriter is. One of the newest offerings in this market is distance education, or distance learning. READ MORE
January 2004
Generally, the dark side refers to Darth Vader and other not-so-good things. Leave it to the communications industry to turn something dark into something powerfully marketable and profitable—dark fiber. Fiber optics is defined as the transmission of light through fibers made generally of glass or plastic. This is how communications is transmitted––at the speed of light. READ MORE
December 2003
System redundancy—for electrical, security, fire, alarm or communications systems—is one of those areas that cause many people to go blank. READ MORE
November 2003
Labeling and documentation can be separate tasks, but they go hand in hand and should be completed, at least in part, at the same time. Some may view labeling/documentation as an afterthought, but it should be a comprehensive thought pattern and organized process that begins at the beginning of the design phase and continues on throughout system installation. READ MORE
November 2003
From a systems standpoint, wireless has been the talk of the town. It seems as if everyone was promoting this technology as one that would change the way we all view networking. Wireless has finally taken the great leap from industry projection chatter to commonplace buzzword. Wireless LANs are the new hot item. Wireless LANs are simply Local Area Networks without wires. READ MORE