Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

Freelance Writer

Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas is a freelance writer who lives in central Pennsylvania.

Articles by Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

August 2006
The term “guiding principle” has entered the contracting lexicon. Though vague, it means a benchmark for proper business practice. The term has established roots in environmental design. In fact, when talking about sustainable design, environmental design, green initiatives and the like, guiding principles are discussed quite often. What is sustainable design? READ MORE
July 2006
Rule number one in any voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) installation is to make sure the network is capable of handling the technology. That may sound obvious, but it is, surprisingly, sometimes overlooked. In addition, VoIP systems require some extra testing that many contractors may not realize. READ MORE
June 2006
The control industry is flourishing, allowing contractors in the infrastructure and installation market to thrive. Maintenance, a crucial component for the end-user and installer, remains a hot topic. The control market has morphed into a versatile industry encompassing traditional forms, such as drive controls, and newer areas, such as building controls. READ MORE
June 2006
One of the hottest trends in networking is the installation of a storage area network (SAN). Once thought of as a big-business luxury, these networks have proven to be a reliable and beneficial necessity for all data centers, small or large. READ MORE
May 2006
The Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tenn., is a new construction project that tugs at heartstrings. Chapel Electric Co., Dayton, Ohio, played a major role in the project’s electrical contracting construction. “The Children’s Hospital is a place to hope and a place to heal for children with unique needs,” said Dennis Quebe, Chapel Electric CEO. READ MORE
May 2006
It is no secret that voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) has had problems regarding emergency service. Users’ exact locations are not always known, causing 911 calls to be transferred to the incorrect dispatcher. Many users were unaware that when they dialed 911, it would not always work. READ MORE
April 2006
Although the construction industry has been dealing with green buildings and sustainable design for quite some time, there is a new entry into this residential market arena: LEED for Homes (LEED-H). Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was enacted in 2000 and has had great success in creative sustainable buildings. READ MORE
March 2006
Most contractors opt out of networking projects when terms, such as “network security,” “firewall” and “software,” start getting thrown around. But, that may not be the best move to make, as network security is a niche market where contractors could easily profit. Firewalls have become one of the most necessary components in any network because they protect against hackers and viruses. READ MORE
March 2006
The Electrical Contractor study, Contractor’s Roles in Scheduled/Preventative Electrical Maintenance, yielded some surprising results. For example, those electrical contractors routinely involved in maintenance likely understand the benefits of offering maintenance as part of their service offering. And the market is growing. READ MORE