Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

Freelance Writer

Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas is a freelance writer who lives in central Pennsylvania.

Articles by Jennifer Leah Stong-Michas

October 2010
Casinos and gaming facilities provide a challenge to security professionals. In-house security staff needs to monitor constant activity at multiple locations. The challenge is compounded by the fact that patrons walking around and playing in a casino are holding cash and taking it out of their pockets and purses on a routine basis. Criminals target casinos for various reasons. READ MORE
October 2010
At the beginning of this year, California announced that data center overhauls in the form of consolidation would become mandatory. Other announcements followed, such as NASA’s own pullback of its initial $1.5 billion data center project that is now being reworked to incorporate consolidation.?An executive order signed by Gov. READ MORE
August 2010
Wherever groups of people congregate, there is a heightened requirement to keep them safe and secure. The Hershey Entertainment and Resort Co. (HE&R) encompasses an arena, a stadium, an amusement park and much more, and each area requires specifically tailored security and safety systems. READ MORE
April 2010
Telemedicine, now common in the healthcare community, helps serve patients, staff members and administrators to make both the medical practice and business sides of their operations run more efficiently. Video conferencing has taken telemedicine to a more comprehensive level of communications. READ MORE
November 2009
The continuing dominance of software solutions within information technology (IT) has made for a confusing landscape for contractors and end-users. Software is a key component in many infrastructures and serves as the backbone for most systems as well. READ MORE
June 2009
The National Mine Health and Safety Academy sits on 80 acres of land in Beckley, W.Va., and is responsible for the training of all U.S. mining inspectors and mine rescue teams. Students come from across the globe, including China, Russia and many countries in Africa. READ MORE
April 2009
Servers have changed the way businesses operate, allowing them to increase the number of applications they can use. Aimed at businesses of all sizes, servers do much of the heavy lifting for computer systems. They can store applications and documents and allow users to call those files up from their desktops. READ MORE
March 2009
Various school shootings and natural disasters have thrust mass notification systems (MNS) into the spotlight. Such tragedies have pointed out the need to further examine systems and how they can be enhanced. And where there is a demand, there is a viable application as well as an opportunity for specifiers and installers. READ MORE
December 2008
One issue that continues to plage contractors is understanding customers and their needs. Contractors who deal with complex electrical or low-voltage systems have an even greater challenge, since much of what they are selling depends on knowing exactly what the customer expects from the end product. READ MORE