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Jeff Kohmstedt is a freelance writer in Champaign, Ill. He can be reached at

Articles by Jeff Kohmstedt

September 2008
Doug Olson, president of Premier Electrical Construction, Brooklyn Park, Minn., hasn’t faced a major complication when it comes to post-warranty risk, and he hopes he never has to. “They just nickel and dime you,” he said. “Hopefully I won’t have to deal with that in my lifetime.” READ MORE
August 2008
Before any building is built, influential owners, architects, and general and electrical contractors decide not just who will build it, but who will design it and how it will be constructed. Every contractor knows significant planning and design work lay the foundation for a successful project. And some contractors want to do it all—both design and build the job they are working on. READ MORE
April 2008
In late January, 2008, Energy -Secretary Samuel W. Bodman announced that the federal government would restructure a $1.8 billion power plant in Mattoon, Ill., because of cost concerns and questions about the project’s relevance. Many believe the restructuring will ultimately lead to the project’s demise. READ MORE
February 2008
It's hard to imagine what Newark, NJ, looked like in the 1960s, when race riots and police brutality closed hundreds of businesses and left downtown in ruins. In the 1970s and 1980s, Newark continued its slide into violence and economic disparity with jobs leaving the downtown for the suburbs and the industrial base that existed turning into brownfields. READ MORE
February 2008
President George W. Bush signed off on H.R. 6, the Clean Energy Act of 2007, on Dec. 12, 2007. It served as one of the few last-minute pieces of legislation that was agreed to on both ends of Pennsylvania Ave. READ MORE
October 2007
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced a massive regulatory and enforcement campaign to address the hiring of illegal immigrants. Its complex collection of rules sets out to make businesses more responsible for their hiring practices in the wake of increased threats from abroad. All contractors should know about the “no match” letter rule. READ MORE
September 2007
Both the House and the Senate recently passed new and very different energy bills that could offer contractors a wealth of opportunities for expanding business while positioning the electrical contracting industry to make a substantial impact on how the country becomes more energy efficient and energy independent. The bills—H.R. 6 in the Senate and H.R. READ MORE
August 2007
Mark Hady of Hady Electric Inc in Watertown, Wis, has not faced the problem of vicarious liability yet, and he hopes not to. “The hiring practices of my subcontractors is just not an issue I had given much thought to,” he said. READ MORE
June 2007
Roger Langer of Langer Electric Service Co., Miami, has been thinking green for years, and its about more than just money. Langer has been thinking about the environment ever since his company started working on green buildings in his area a few years ago. “We have green construction going up all over Florida,” Langer said. READ MORE