Jeff Griffin

Freelance Writer

Jeff Griffin, Oklahoma City, is a construction journalist specializing in the electrical, telecommunications and underground utility construction industries. Contact him at

Articles by Jeff Griffin

May 2011
Electricians and emergency personnel frequently require self-contained lighting of various types when responding to emergencies in situations where power has been interrupted or where no electricity is available. READ MORE
November 2010
Even though reduced volumes of work have lowered the demand for tools electricians use, tool manufacturers continue to improve products to increase efficiency, productivity, durability and safety. READ MORE
September 2010
Five years after Hurricane Katrina hit, many places along the U.S. Gulf Coast and in the New Orleans metropolitan area continue frustratingly slow efforts to recover from America’s most costly national disaster, while facing the threat of widespread destruction of the environment and economy from the worst oil spill disaster in the country’s history. READ MORE
July 2010
Despite the unsteady state of the nation’s economy, the telecommunications industry continues to expand with broadband services as the primary driver. “Even amidst the uncertainty, we expect the telecommunications industry to continue growing,” said Robert Rosenberg, president of Insight Research, a research and consulting firm specializing in telecommunications. READ MORE
May 2010
For decades, the cable that makes up portions of the nation’s electrical distribution systems has routinely been placed underground, out of sight where it is more secure and at less risk of damage by weather or accidents that can knock down aerial lines and disrupt service. READ MORE
June 2009
International trade has sustained the city of Mobile, Ala., from its founding more than 300 years ago through the first decade of the 21st century. Located adjacent to a deep bay providing an ideal location for a port and harbor, the area’s early settlers received goods by ship from all over the world. READ MORE
January 2009
It is expected that in 2008, there will have been approximately 680,000 incidents that damage underground utilities. That averages to more than one accidental utility hit every minute. READ MORE
November 2008
Successful manufacturers of tools and equipment understand that, to be a leader, they must develop and provide products needed by the professionals in the fields they serve. READ MORE
November 2008
By the time the first simple electric motor controller products began to be used in manufacturing plants, electricians had been installing and serving motor controls and motor control centers for more than 50 years. READ MORE