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Jeff Griffin, Oklahoma City, is a construction journalist specializing in the electrical, telecommunications and underground utility construction industries. Contact him at

Articles by Jeff Griffin

March 2013
The tape measure is a basic tool for integrated systems installers, electricians and professionals in many trades. It has been in use for years, but the measuring tapes available today are nothing like early versions. The improvements are examples of how a simple, basic tool evolves to do its job better, function easier and be more durable. READ MORE
February 2013
A range of multiple functions combined in one device gives the multimeter its name and makes it an essential test instrument for both electrical and integrated systems work.
January 2013
In October, 20 exhibitors at the 2012 NECA Show in Las Vegas received Showstopper awards. Winners were selected from 122 entries, all prominently displayed at the front of the exhibit floor. After the winners were selected, they were identified by blue ribbons in the Showstopper Showcase Room and a trophy at each winner’s booth. READ MORE
January 2013
The handheld power hammer drill is a basic electrician’s tool that is two drills in one—a conventional drill for working in wood and soft materials and a hammer drill for drilling 3/16- to ¼-inch holes in masonry, cinder blocks, concrete, metal and other hard materials. The user can switch from one mode to the other instantly. READ MORE
December 2012
The continuing advances of power hand tools receive much attention, and many are linked directly to lithium-ion battery platforms. Tools are lighter, more powerful for their weights, more productive and easier to use. However, tool features often overshadow the components that are the keystones of each tool’s function: cutting accessories. READ MORE
December 2012
Improvements to basic tools come in increments: new features are added, new materials become available and are used, new features add functions to a tool. New tools are developed as technologies advance. READ MORE
November 2012
Serious concerns may remain about the U.S. economy and how economies and events in Europe, the Middle East and Asia affect Wall Street and American business. However, electrical and data communications toolmakers seem positively bullish. READ MORE
July 2012
Projects to build and expand broadband networks often bring construction to established neighborhoods, challenging project owners and contractors to build underground networks with minimal disruption of routine activities and limited surface damage. Adding to the challenge is that much of the outside plants of these new systems are underground. READ MORE
November 2011
The evolution of Basic tool types occurs slowly (think screwdrivers and measuring tapes). Then there are times when a new tool technology (or the advancement of an old approach) rapidly changes a market segment (e.g., lithium-ion batteries for professional hand tools). READ MORE