Jeff Griffin

Freelance Writer

Jeff Griffin, Oklahoma City, is a construction journalist specializing in the electrical, telecommunications and underground utility construction industries. Contact him at

Articles by Jeff Griffin

March 2008
Homeowners in the United States who have discovered the benefits of electric radiant heating most often use it to supplement conventional heating systems or to heat individual rooms, such as a den, basement, or room addition. READ MORE
February 2008
Bending conduit is one of the most basic tasks of electricians, and there is a wide range of bending tools and equipment to fit the multiple bending requirements found on today’s projects, including hand benders, mechanical models, and electric and hydraulic equipment for high-volume work and larger conduit. Both “hot” and “cold” methods of bending PVC are available. READ MORE
November 2007
Need a tool you don't have, and need it now? Chances are it’s available at a nearby rental center. READ MORE
November 2007
The most significant trends in tools used by electricians continue to be driven by the needs of the those who purchase and use them. “Manufacturers are listening carefully to contractors’ needs for increased safety and improved productivity,” said David Moeller, Graybar national construction market manager. READ MORE
September 2007
The last time NECA’s convention and trade show was held in San Francisco was 16 years ago, and those who haven’t visited since will notice many changes. Yet in many ways, the city by the bay remains the same. Cable cars, elegant Victorian homes, Chinatown, Coit Tower, North Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge and other landmarks seem unchanged, waiting to be enjoyed again. And the food! READ MORE
July 2007
Most successful companies today—including those that manufacture the tools used by electricians—say they are market-driven. That means while sales are essential, the products or services a company offers must be driven by need. Except in some consumer markets, if no one actually needs what a company is selling, failure is certain. READ MORE
June 2007
That design/build projects account for a growing percentage of major construction projects is a fact recognized by owners and managers of contracting companies. The Design-Build Institute of America estimates 40 percent of today’s construction projects take advantage of the design/build format. READ MORE
May 2007
It has been one year since the featured ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR cover report about safety risks posed by waiving city electrical inspections of residential structures in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that followed. READ MORE
April 2007
Thermal imaging helps contractors determine data: READ MORE