Jeff Griffin

Freelance Writer

Jeff Griffin, Oklahoma City, is a construction journalist specializing in the electrical, telecommunications and underground utility construction industries. Contact him at

Articles by Jeff Griffin

April 2007
Thermal imaging helps contractors determine data: READ MORE
March 2007
Extending broadband services to more customers is a priority for telecommunications and cable television companies who are locked in a fierce battle to consolidate and expand their shares of the high-speed Internet market and, with it, other bundled services; fiber optic technology is a key element in most growth plans—more bandwidth and higher speeds appeal to residential customers, and large cor READ MORE
February 2007
The Electrical System From Roof to Foundation: READ MORE
November 2006
Let the Internet Be Your Guide READ MORE
November 2006
An underground report The loader-backhoe, regarded as the primary multipurpose excavation machine for construction projects, has performed many functions on the job site. The dual-purpose, tractor-mounted loader-backhoe (TLB) is highly mobile and can dig trench and other excavations; load excavated spoil into trucks; and efficiently move spoil, gravel and other materials around. READ MORE
September 2006
Exploring the host city of the 2006 NECA Show FENWAY PARK, BEACON HILL, THE NORTH END—few cities are as diverse as Boston, host of the 2006 National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Show. Boston was the birthplace of the American Revolution and has a dynamic economy based on technology, finance, education and healthcare. It is rich in history, arts and culture. READ MORE
September 2006
NEW ORLEAN'S controversial emergency ordinance allowing owners of residential properties to waive city electrical inspections expired July 31, but three days later the city council voted to extend the measure until Dec. 31, 2006. READ MORE
July 2006
Writers who report on trends in tools are always looking for innovative new products that have the potential to change the industry. While revolutionary new tool products come along from time to time, most tool improvements are developed to address changing needs of dynamic industries, by adding new or enhanced features, and to take advantage of new technologies as they become available. READ MORE
July 2006
It is easy to take the safety features of today’s hand tools for granted. Tools have come a long way from 40 or 50 years ago. For example, one major supplier of a lightweight reciprocating saw positioned the power switch where it was impossible to turn off or on with the hand holding the tool—-either turn it on and reposition the hand with the blade in motion, or use the other hand. READ MORE