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Freelance Writer

Jeff Griffin, Oklahoma City, is a construction journalist specializing in the electrical, telecommunications and underground utility construction industries. Contact him at

Articles by Jeff Griffin

September 2005
Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an innovative “trenchless” construction procedure. It has been in use for a dozen years to make trenchless installations of cable, conduit and duct in areas where surface improvements or crowded utility easements make excavation impractical or impossible. READ MORE
July 2005
Manufacturers of manual and power hand tools strive to develop products that help users be more efficient and productive. In recent years, efforts have centered on making tools that are versatile, user-friendly and durable. The variety of multipurpose tools is growing. Power tools pack more power in smaller, lighter packages with a significant shift from corded to cordless models. READ MORE
June 2005
The tools electricians use every day pose the risk of injury-ranging from banging a thumb with a hammer to serious accidents with power tools. And when projects require working near live conductors or circuit parts, using the wrong tool or making a simple mistake can have fatal results. Proper tool use is only one facet of job-site safety, but it is extremely important. READ MORE
May 2005
Natural disasters are big news. Television presents live images of the devastation and the faces and voices of the victims of hurricanes, forest fires, tornadoes and other catastrophes. Newspapers follow with detailed accounts of property damage, injuries and death tolls. Cleanup and early recovery efforts usually receive media attention, but they quickly fade from the headlines. READ MORE
February 2005
Contractors depend on distributors for myriad materials and supplies. But as construction projects become increasingly complex, progressive distributors offer more than shelves stocked with products. “Contractors today need their distributors to be providers of solutions that help reduce the overall cost of doing business,” said Arnold R. Kelly, Graybar director of construction. READ MORE
January 2005
Using prefabricated and preassembled electrical components often can bring substantial cost savings, especially on large projects such as hotels and hospitals that have a large number of identical layouts. Some contractors have used preassembled products for years, others are trying them for the first time, while there are some who have yet to do so. READ MORE
September 2004
The annual NECA Convention and Trade Show makes its first visit to Los Angeles next month, and there couldn’t be a better time to visit the City of Angels. READ MORE
September 2004
Earlier this year, routine activities came to an abrupt halt at San Bernardino Valley (Calif.) College when a construction crew excavating with a backhoe struck a power cable, causing a small explosion that knocked out a campus transformer. College buildings lost power, telephone and e-mail services. When the backup-power system started, a surge knocked it out of service. READ MORE
July 2004
With little fanfare, vacuum excavation equipment has begun making an impact on the way outside electrical infrastructure is constructed and maintained. Vacuum excavators are portable, dual-purpose machines that are both “soft” excavators able to dig small, precisely controlled holes using either high-pressure air or water, and powerful vacuum systems. READ MORE