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Jeff Griffin, Oklahoma City, is a construction journalist specializing in the electrical, telecommunications and underground utility construction industries. Contact him at

Articles by Jeff Griffin

  • Salisbury by Honeywell lightweight HRC4  suit and lift-front hood
October 2014
The workplaces of the world pose multiple hazards to the men and women in the building and construction trades, and there are many different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) to guard the wearer from specific, potentially deadly hazards. Protective gear creates a barrier between the worker and hazards. It does not eliminate any hazard.
  • Ideal Networks SignalTEK CT Gigabit cable performance tester
October 2014
For commercial structures, certification tests document that a building’s voice/data/video network complies with industry standards.
 Qualification or performance testing can also confirm that local area network (LAN) installations meet component manufacturers’ install standards and should perform as specified. This testing had been considered optional for LANs in homes and apartments. 
  • Bosch Bulldog Xtreme rotary hammer with dust control
September 2014
A rotary hammer is the tool of choice for most electricians who must make holes in concrete, block and brick. Small rotary hammers are used primarily for drilling holes to install anchors for hanging Unistruts for electrical conduit. Large hammers are used for larger diameter drilling to allow materials to pass through walls.
  • A worker uses a Fluke ground tester in the field.
August 2014
Simply stated, structures must have properly grounded electrical systems for basic reasons: to protect people from serious or fatal shock, to enable a facility’s power distribution system to function properly, and to protect electrical components from serious damage.
  • Kitco fiber optic safety kit
August 2014
Working with and around 
electricity poses hazards that most people don’t face in their daily jobs. From apprenticeship training throughout their careers, safety training is a continual process for electricians. READ MORE
  • Husky nine-drawer mobile workbench from Home Depot
July 2014
Moving supplies, materials and tools to and around job sites can be a time-consuming task that often significantly reduces an electrician’s productivity.
  • Gardner Bender's Ultra Brutus 10,000-pound cable puller
June 2014
It is difficult to imagine wiring a large commercial project without using an electrically powered cable puller. 
 Available in different sizes with pulling forces between 1,000 and 10,000 pounds, electrically powered pullers and accessories make cable installation easier, faster and more efficient. 
  • Ideal SignalTEK II 
network qualifier 
for copper and fiber
June 2014
Electrical power is essential for the operation of any building, and more owners and managers want their buildings to be “smart.” What does that even mean? A building becomes “smart” when automated controls, fire and entry alarms and video surveillance systems are incorporated into an integrated system. READ MORE
  • megger MIT1025 10-kV insulation tester
May 2014
Much attention is devoted to safe work practices during electrical construction, maintenance and repair work, and rightfully so. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics consistently place electrical-related accidents in its “Fatal Four” leading causes of workplace deaths: falls, struck by objects, electrocution, and caught in between.