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Freelance Writer

Jeff Griffin, Oklahoma City, is a construction journalist specializing in the electrical, telecommunications and underground utility construction industries. Contact him at

Articles by Jeff Griffin

  • Greenlee's fusion splicer and cleaver kit
October 2015
The days of predominately copper structured wiring are long past. Technicians are installing a growing amount of fiber optic cable in surveillance, alarm and control systems. For example, surveillance systems are linked with single-mode fiber to ensure purer images and less data loss and interference than copper systems. READ MORE
  • The super-quiet Honda EUi 1000 with inverter technology provides 1,000W of clean power in a small, lightweight package.
September 2015
Sometimes, electricians and electrical contractors must work in areas where no electrical service is available. In those circumstances, portable power is the answer.
  • AEMC 5233 Trms digital multimeter with function for nonelectric contact testing
August 2015
In recent years, there has been a trend to increase functionality of many tools and testers that electricians use. The idea is that, if one tool can do multiple tasks, electricians will need fewer tools, which can mean a lighter tool belt or box. READ MORE
  • Weather Guard van upfit components
August 2015
No matter the trade, an organized and well-outfitted truck makes workers more efficient, enabling them to complete jobs faster and finish more tasks every day.
  • Greenlee line of knockout tools
July 2015
Knockout tools are widely accepted as the best method of punching conduit-size holes in steel electrical panels, boxes and other steel surfaces. While hole saws and step bits on conventional drills and carbide cutters also can cut metal, none can produce a hole as precisely and cleanly as a knockout tool.
  • Greenlee tools for copper VDV installations
June 2015
For installing alarm, surveillance and building control system copper wiring, technicians use many of the same tools as they do for placing data and communications networks. These tools include, but are not limited to, cable cutters, crimpers, strippers, punchdown tools and blades, and test equipment. There also are applications that may require specialized tools.
  • Greenlee AutoBend 3D uses BendWorks software.
June 2015
From the time wires were first placed in protective pipes, electricians have been bending conduit to take cable where it needs to go. Early hand benders allowed pipe to be effectively bent without walls collapsing. Today, basic hand benders don’t look much different than those early models, but significant improvements have been made.
  • General Cable FrogHide UltraFlex outdoor extension cord
May 2015
Electrical extension cords aren’t exactly “tools” in the traditional sense, but they are essential on many jobs to power tools and temporary lighting, for bringing power from generators to field offices, and for many other uses.
  • Bosch Tools’ Daredevil spade bit with contoured paddle
April 2015
Power hand tools have advanced rapidly over the last few years, becoming more powerful, productive, lighter and easier to use. Along with other useful convenience features, most of today’s cordless drills have light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate the work area.