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Jeff Griffin, Oklahoma City, is a construction journalist specializing in the electrical, telecommunications and underground utility construction industries. Contact him at

Articles by Jeff Griffin

  • Klein voltage tester with flashlight
August 2017
One of the most basic tools every electrician carries is the noncontact voltage tester. Essential complementary tools include circuit breaker finders and tone probes for tracing wires. Scanning devices are able to see through walls and floors to identify wires, conduits and other objects.
 Voltage testers
  • Fluke Networks' DSX-8000 cable analyzer and accessories
August 2017
Structured wiring technicians carry their own tools for everyday work, but the companies that employ them often find it practical and economical to rent high-end network-testing equipment. Specialty rental companies carry broad selections of network and electrical testers.
  • Greenlee’s portable work bench
July 2017
Owners and managers of electrical contracting companies are always alert to tools and equipment that will enhance workforce productivity. Portable work stations provide a convenient, easy-to-move work surface and storage solution. There also are rolling storage cabinets with tops that can be used as desktops. READ MORE
  • Channellock’s 440 12-inch straight-jaw, tongue- and-groove pliers
June 2017
Most hand tools used by electricians have evolved to improve function, ergonomics and durability. Over time, a simple tool can adjust to special applications. Consider how many types of pliers are available today.
 According to tool manufacturers, electricians and other professionals want multipurpose tools, and the current lineup of hand tools reflects that.
  • Ideal Networks LanTEK III certifier
June 2017
Commercial datacom networks must be certified that they are correctly installed and meet industry performance standards. That makes certification testers a basic tool for installers, and manufacturers must plan ahead to have test instruments available as standards change. In addition to voice and data networks, certification testing also applies to other cabling in a structured wiring system. READ MORE
  • The JATC of Greater Boston’s training room is stocked with essential PPE.
May 2017
The Electrical trade is one of the most dangerous to work in. Electricians face the usual hazards found on most job sites, and the additional risk of electrical shock can cause serious injuries and death.
  • Milwaukee Tool offers a full line of SDS plus cordless rotary hammers.
April 2017
A hammer drill may be sufficient for drilling small-diameter holes in soft masonry, some metals and other materials too hard for conventional drills, but when tackling harder materials, such as concrete or cement blocks and brick, a rotary hammer is the most efficient. READ MORE
  • Fluke Networks round cable stripper
April 2017
Correctly preparing and connecting copper wiring in a building’s structured wiring system requires special skills and the right tools. A single faulty connection can bring down an entire network.
 Quality cutting, stripping and crimping tools are essential for accurate connectivity, said Karen Alpan, voice/data/video product manager for Klein Tools, Lincolnshire, Ill.
  • Hioki PQ3100 PQ analyzer
March 2017
The quality of electric power that operates building systems has always been important, but as these systems have become more complex, the effects of power quality (PQ) issues have multiplied.
 Most new equipment installations now include electronic controls, said Frank Healy, power quality manager at Fluke Corp, Everett, Wash.