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Freelance Writer

Jeff Gavin, LEED Green Associate, is the owner of Gavo Communications, a sustainability-focused marketing services firm serving the energy and construction industries. He can be reached at

Articles by Jeff Gavin

April 2011
Building information modeling (BIM)—the software-based 3-D real-time modeling process for construction—is the summit of design to some and a summit to climb for others. Either way, it seems BIM has entered the vernacular as an important process when designing and constructing a building with goals of timely delivery, budget savings and sustainable performance. READ MORE
March 2011
What’s the secret to keeping up on the latest in residential lighting upgrades? Just ask the neighborhood remodeler, note the ubiquitous variations of new products at a trade show, or chat with your supplier. Knowing the newest trends makes you an invaluable adviser to your customers and other specialty contractors. READ MORE
February 2011
While the term “retrocommissioning” (RCx) is being heard with more frequency, electrical contractors (ECs) may not fully understand what it is or what it entails. Evan Mills, Ph.D., of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has a useful analogy. “For centuries, shipbuilders have ‘commissioned’ vessels to ensure that they are ready for service. READ MORE
December 2010
Noted for their efficiency and flexibility, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are often billed as the second coming in the evolution of lighting. An exciting work-in-progress may be a better descriptor. Solid-state lighting (SSL) for commercial, industrial and municipal applications is rapidly advancing as product costs come down and research and development (R&D) efforts pay off. READ MORE
October 2010
Buildings in the United States are responsible for 39 percent of CO2 emissions and 40 percent of energy consumption. Cited by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Washington D.C., those statistics have entered the collective consciousness of the construction community. READ MORE
July 2010
The smart grid concept is transforming- how the United States will produce, deliver and manage electric power to factories, schools, offices and homes. A continental end-to-end rebuild may be years away, but its development is now. Learning what a smart grid is and how to meet installation, maintenance and expansion needs is a sure way for electrical contractors (ECs) to get into the game. READ MORE
June 2010
Even during the Recession, the alternative-energy market has remained strong, either holding its own or growing. Throw a stick, and you will hit a project incorporating green power. It is a market driven by consumer interest, generous incentives and improving payback. Contractors who have added clean energies to their portfolio expect this market to boom as the economy recovers. READ MORE
May 2010
The adage, “the best defense is a good offense,” is not just good advice on a level playing field. It will help a contractor from becoming a victim of counterfeit electrical goods. It is estimated that $1 billion worth of counterfeits enter North America annually ($11 billion and $20 billion globally). According to Bernd G. READ MORE
April 2010
Quicker, cheaper and more efficient could be a mantra for contemporary construction and remodeling. Low-profile, raised-access flooring has always fit that bill and is growing in popularity. While initially used in data centers and mainframe computer rooms, it is now in schools, offices, retail spaces, hospitals and entertainment venues. READ MORE