Jeff Gavin

Freelance Writer

Jeff Gavin, LEED Green Associate, is the owner of Gavo Communications, a sustainability-focused marketing services firm serving the energy and construction industries. He can be reached at

Articles by Jeff Gavin

January 2012
It was only a matter of time before green became codified. This spring, the International Code Council (ICC) officially will roll out its International Green Construction Code (IgCC). This “overlay” also contains ASHRAE’s 189.1 green building standard introduced in 2009 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. READ MORE
January 2012
Welcome to 2012, the year lighting efficiency takes center stage. From federal regulations to emerging standards affecting bulbs, lighting systems and controls, the next 12 months and beyond will present electrical contractors and their customers with change and choice. READ MORE
December 2011
Doing more for less is a workplace mantra these days. It applies to the work force and the energy usage of the building that houses it. Smart lighting strategies are playing a central and growing role in this confluence of productivity. “Green and lean” is how David Pfund describes tomorrow’s office space. READ MORE
September 2011
There was a time when general contractors (GCs) had more projects than teams to work them. Homeowners were buying. Proposals were as simple as working off past bids, cutting and pasting some new numbers, and adding different client names and job specifics. A nostalgic grin crosses your face. Those were the days. Today, you have to work harder and smarter. READ MORE
August 2011
It may be energy auditing. It may be retrocommissioning. It may be recertifying a green building. In any case, the move to monitor, benchmark and improve a building’s performance is taking hold and triggering a ripening market for electrical contractors. READ MORE
August 2011
Fuel cells may not be commonplace, but they are more commercially available than ever before. Their burgeoning success in providing power can be found in standby, prime and distributed generation mobile and vehicle applications. READ MORE
July 2011
Lighting evolves based on need. Incandescent made way for brighter fluorescent. Fluorescent made room for solid-state lighting (SSL). The next big idea may be light-emitting diodes (LEDs). While they are an SSL source, LEDs are new to general lighting applications. READ MORE
June 2011
The market for better buildings through sustainable design has just grown through the creation of several new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems. These recently introduced subsets and stand-alone programs will better address the needs of the retail and healthcare structures. READ MORE
June 2011
With solar and wind energies maturing as recognized alternative-power sources, there are other alternatives providing clean power on scales both large and small. These power generators are distinctive in how they create electricity and are a growing business for electrical contractors (ECs) that take note of them. READ MORE