Jeff Gavin

Freelance Writer

Jeff Gavin, LEED Green Associate, is the owner of Gavo Communications, a sustainability-focused marketing services firm serving the energy and construction industries. He can be reached at

Articles by Jeff Gavin

July 2015
In the energy field, who we receive our power from and what we receive may soon be our choice. In fact, some customers are already in the driver’s seat through something called ­community choice aggregation (CCA). Across the country, consumers are challenging the traditional power-­delivery market, demanding cleaner energy, independent power scenarios and a responsive public utility. READ MORE
  • Juno Lighting Group’s Aculux LED precision recessed luminaire maintains color temperature through a range of dimming levels.
April 2015
A lighting revolution is just beginning, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are leading the way. By the Department of Energy’s (DOE) most recent count in May 2013, LEDs represented less than 4 percent of overall installed lighting in the United States. READ MORE
March 2015
In the new reality of resilient construction, there may be no place like home. According to McGraw-Hill Construction, green-built homes will represent as much as 38 percent of the residential market by 2016. What was a $17 billion market in 2011 is estimated to increase to as much as $114 billion by 2016. Like commercial construction, the green trend shows signs of staying power. READ MORE
February 2015
“Space matters” is the new mantra as the office concept undergoes some radical rethinking. Today, square-footage is often decreasing as occupancy increases. Open landscapes rule as corner offices disappear. Cubicles are giving way to collaborative worktables. Work from home? No problem. READ MORE
January 2015
Enough pauses. We are finally in the midst of a sustained recovery. Fundamentals are strong. Growth is ever steady, and momentum assuredly recovers when unexpected events such as severe weather hit. While the pace of the recovery can be frustrating, last year marked the first year where all but one of the major construction markets made gains or stayed positive. READ MORE
  • Lutron’s Maestro Wireless technology also is geared toward both the residential and commercial markets.
December 2014
While wire and electric power delivery will remain a constant, the marriage between the two is being redefined. Wireless lighting and energy control are expanding from homes to office, healthcare, institutional and industrial settings. While not yet common­place, wireless will be part of the conversation going forward for the building community.
December 2014
The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in medium-to-large construction projects is becoming more common. Yet, much of the design software still favors contractors other than electrical. Though BIM is tailored to bring all partners to the table, the electrical contractor (EC) doesn’t always get the invite. Don’t let yourself be taken out of the game. Turn a deficit into a gain. READ MORE
November 2014
To sustain your company and maintain a competitive edge takes commitment and planning. Adopting a triple bottom line (TBL) can be that road map to achieving business sustainability. Shorthanded to “people, planet and profit,” these interconnected pillars of TBL remake the traditional balance sheet and allow a business to survive and thrive. Your customers may already be applying this concept. READ MORE
  • This single-story test bed rotates 270 degrees from southeast to northeast to help in building orientation design and features.
October 2014
I magine a laboratory where you could envision, develop and confirm your building design before or during construction. Investigate building system performance by staging an office facsimile. Make final specifications on sustainability measures prior to occupancy. READ MORE