Jeff Gavin

Freelance Writer

Jeff Gavin, LEED Green Associate, is the owner of Gavo Communications, a sustainability-focused marketing services firm serving the energy and construction industries. He can be reached at

Articles by Jeff Gavin

February 2009
Navigating today's uncertain economic waters demands strong planning, sharp instincts and steady nerves. Fortunately, remodeling provides some ballast during construction downturns. Green remodeling could be an attractive addition to a recessionary survival kit. READ MORE
January 2009
For early adopters of building information modeling (BIM), it is the standard way to conduct business. Some see it as a future for building design and construction. Electrical contractors (ECs) may be the last to embrace BIM, but it is not for lack of interest. READ MORE
December 2008
While firmly an option in the luxury home market, residential lighting controls are expanding into a broader home-owner landscape. With lighting packages designed to fit small and large installations, and technologies streamlined to assist owner and installer, now is the time for electrical contractors to tackle this market. READ MORE
November 2008
For electrical service technicians and their firms, it may be time to retire the term “subcontractor.” The label seems ill-suited as electrical contractors (ECs) expand their services to become one-stop shops for owners and general contractors. Requiring the talent of other nonelectrical subs, the collective business that emerges can ironically resemble a general contracting effort. READ MORE
October 2008
Energy efficiency, as a driver for building upgrades or alternative energy adoption, has never been stronger. With tighter budgets and mounting fuel costs, energy performance contracting has re-emerged as a bridge to building improvements for public schools, government offices and private healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and other markets. READ MORE
August 2008
The design/build approach is one opportunity to find a level playing field in the construction industry. In it, a project’s destiny lies in combination with a contractor’s expertise and the cooperation of the entire construction team. Everyone shares the risk. How you as the electrical contractor (EC) foster success may lie in how you help manage the process. READ MORE
June 2008
Congratulations are in order as electrical contractors (ECs) have taken the lead as custom installers for many key home technologies. READ MORE
June 2008
Knowing what you can do as an electrical contractor to help a client earn green certifications can put you in good stead for this accelerating market. READ MORE
April 2008
Earning a customer's business is a victory. Having a customer return is even better. But when that customer starts referring business to you, it is like striking gold. You have gained a company ambassador. Referrals provide the propulsion for an enterprise to thrive. They are a reflection of your company’s worth and are gifts that keep giving if you know how to nurture them. READ MORE