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Freelance Writer

Jeff Gavin, LEED Green Associate, is the owner of Gavo Communications, a sustainability-focused marketing services firm serving the energy and construction industries. He can be reached at

Articles by Jeff Gavin

May 2017
Healthy buildings may be the breath of fresh air in the world of sustainable design. Green building proponents and practitioners increasingly promote healthy building outcomes. New certification programs, such as the WELL Building Standard, up the ante. A building’s health may soon become a common conversation with clients.
April 2017
Tiny houses are having their moment. They have their own television shows, magazines and festivals around the country. Enthusiasts call it a movement toward a simpler and freer way of life. Hype may best numbers, but look closer and you will see tiny houses catching the attention of insurance companies, manufacturers and builders. READ MORE
  • Knowing how light plays and today’s LED capabilities helped designers and contractors achieve a stand-alone space, the Blossom Cocktail lounge at the MGM National Harbor casino.
March 2017
From high-definition panels to vibrant pinpoint light, from deep, true color to interactivity and animation, LED lighting is becoming the go-to option to create theatrics, mood and spectacle. Advancements in color rendition and color temperature, programmability and controllability have only increased their favor with restaurants, hotels, casinos, theaters and arenas.
January 2017
In 2017, construction is expected to regain momentum after an underwhelming performance in 2016. Just don’t anticipate an economy running like a high-performance racer. It will remain more like the “gets you where you need to go” family vehicle. READ MORE
  • Fluorescent tubes remain a popular lighting choice in offices and are more amenable to dimming with controllable ballasts.
December 2016
LED marketing can give the impression that digital lighting has left other lighting sources in the dust. Not quite. Linear fluorescents are a case in point. While LEDs have their own merits in light quality, energy draw and controllability, so do many of today’s fluorescents. READ MORE
December 2016
As a digital replacement for their fluorescent counterparts, linear or tubular LEDs (TLEDs) are winning favor. According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), 6.9 percent of lighting shipments in the first quarter of 2016 were TLEDs, marking their first appearance in the organization’s market-penetration tracking. READ MORE
November 2016
Going green—really green—isn’t easy. It takes dedication, attention to detail and a vigilance to an ever-changing supply chain. Cradle to cradle (C2C) is both a movement and a product standard for manufacturers that develop products with materials that retain their value. READ MORE
  • New out of old

October 2016
Be it eco-districts or district energy, the result is the same—independent power. In place for decades across the country, district energy is evolving. Eco-districts, a newly coined term, have priorities that often extend beyond energy. READ MORE
September 2016
They’ve been discussed, analyzed and editorialized. Popularly known as “millennials” (ages 20–34), this generation numbers some 66 million and has become the nation’s largest labor market. Now is the time for electrical contractors to figure out how to work with a generation that has similar aspirations but different expectations. READ MORE