James R. Benya

Freelance Writer

James Benya is a lighting designer, author and a well-known speaker. Find him at www.benyalighting.com.

Articles by James R. Benya

September 2007
These days, there are many reasons to use the most efficient equipment in new lighting installations. Tighter energy codes are the first reason that comes to mind, but there are many others, including rebates from utility companies, tax deductions for owners of energy-efficient buildings, LEED ratings, and for those who pay high electric rates, just plain old energy cost savings. READ MORE
July 2007
The election of 2006 may have prompted a renewed interest in energy efficiency. It actually started with the Energy Policy Act of 2005, in which tax incentives were provided, and standards for a number of specific lighting technologies were set. The 110th Congress is expected to extend the period for these tax deductions as well as make other enhancements. READ MORE