James G. Stallcup

Code Contributor

James G. Stallcup is the CEO of Grayboy Inc., which develops and authors publications for the electrical industry and specializes in classroom training on the NEC and OSHA, as well as other standards. Contact him at 817.581.2206.

Articles by James G. Stallcup

November 2009
What is the relationship between NFPA 70 (the National Electrical Code), NFPA 70B (Maintenance for Electrical Equipment), and NFPA 70E (Safety Related Work Practices)? An Electrical Contractor reader asked if I would explain how NFPA 70, 70B and 70E were related in codes and standards application. READ MORE
October 2009
In the last issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, I discussed the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for cord-and-plug-connected air conditioners (AC units). In this issue, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the installation of permanently (hard-wired) installed units. READ MORE
September 2009
A well-known, highly recognized contracting firm hired me as a consultant to inspect an installation that experts said had caused the death of a young machinist. The machinist was working on a piece of equipment that was supplied by the service equipment, which a licensed electrician had installed. READ MORE
August 2009
A group of apprentices asked if there is an easy way to locate equipment and wiring method requirements in the Na-tional Electrical Code (NEC). If indeed there is a procedure, they wanted me to demonstrate such by designing and installing a motor system with examples. READ MORE
July 2009
I conduct a number of National Electrical Code (NEC)-related seminars each month. Lately, people have been asking about the requirements for grounding and bonding systems together to provide an equipotential plane. READ MORE
June 2009
When inspecting a small office facility for a customer, I was surprised that he had a fuel cell system for his main power source that was backed up by an optional standby generator system. In other words, the complex did not depend on utility power. READ MORE
May 2009
A veteren electrician asked what the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements are for installing cord-and-plug-connected room air conditioners. I thought the answer might be interesting to others. Determining ampacity and rating READ MORE
April 2009
An estimator asked what method to use to calculate the volt-amperes (VA) of a residence. He hoped to use the results as a guide to estimate the elements of the electrical system and wanted the standard method applied. Below, I explain my interpreta-tion of this method to determine the VA and serve as an estimating tool. Grouping loads READ MORE
March 2009
There are two terms that seem to confuse designers. These terms are “diversity factor” and “demand factor.” To better understand the application of these terms when calculating the load for a service or a feeder supplying a facility, one must understand their meaning. READ MORE